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Old 23rd October 2010 , 11:47 AM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
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Default guitar rig session

im sorry to say i had to return the kore bstock item as it was faulty but i swapped it for the guitar rig session and im very happy i did.
the first thing that struck me on opening the box is just how small and robust and poratable the hardware device is its small enough to be carried around in your pocket with no problems and as its bus powered you dont have any clunky power packs to lug around which is another big bonus.
installing the device was a breeze i went to the native instruments driver page downloaded there newest drivers ( http://co.native-instruments.com/?id=freeupdates ) start installation ..but remember at this stage to make sure the hardware isnt connected to your computer !!! ..once installed i then connected the hardware 3 pop up boxs appear asking you to continue if your on windows xp once you clicked on continue all audio/usb drivers get installed and then your away

another thing that really shocked me was just how quite the balanced outputs are ive been using my emu 0404 pci card to output the sound to my krks andthe sound was good but a little hissy but that was to be expected because the emus only have unbalanced outputs but with the session hardware once i plugged in all my cables there was no hiss at all in fact i had to double check everything was set up correctlly because of just how quite everything was lol.

ive not installed all the software yet that came bundled with it but even that is amazing what you get for the price..
you get cubase le4 (this is a excellent start if your new to recording as cubase le4 is very user friendly has a great clean sound and comes bundled with some superb plug ins such as halione which was designed by the team that created the motif synth so your getting pristine sounding pianos..synths from the start)
you also get guitar rig 4 essentials which comes with lots of guitar fx and cabs to get you started.
and finally you get which i feel is a unblievable bundled product for the 79 price you pay ..you get kore pop drums this product alone is 69 euros !!
( http://www.native-instruments.com/#/...s/?content=523 ) and you get kore player with extra sounds also on the supplied bundled dvd.

ill be trying this all out in depth over the next week and will update this thread as quick as i can.it also have very low latency asio drivers in fact much lower than ive ever had with emu 0404 or the mackie firewire products which ive owned both and both have pretty high latency .the session hardware is around 1ms but bear in mind you will need a good spec machine to run at that but im happy to run it at around 4ms and ive got an old computer now its only got 2gb of ram in it and only a dual core amd 2800 athlon chip in it dont worry ill be buying a much faster computer next year

all in all this has to be one of the bargains of 2010 for 79 your getting a well made clean sounding hardware device and getting some pro software also dv247 are offering to sell you this with free delivery which is another great incentive.
please bear in mind that the product dv247 is the updated version with better software most places are selling the older version with guitar rig 3 le which isnt as good as guitar rig 4 essentials.

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