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Old 15th October 2008 , 09:44 PM
Mic Check 1!
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Originally Posted by JAYDMF View Post
Cool man glad your happy with them. I gotta wait til end of october for the DV guys to get hold of the adams, boy am i looking forward to that, just started a new tune and it sounds pretty full on the berrys, get hold of the adams and it should allow me to clear all the mud out perfectly without the usual guess work and referencing on 2 sets of headphones and my HIFI that i usually have to do.
Ya know it's gonna scare you how bad your old mixes sound when you listen to them through these...
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Old 15th October 2008 , 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by TrevCircleStudios View Post
Ya know it's gonna scare you how bad your old mixes sound when you listen to them through these...
Lol i know im probably going to be kicking myself for weeks on end but hey i guess you live and learn, i think the main problem with my mixs atm is the mid range very full most of the time, not enough clarity but hey the adams should sort it out
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Old 29th September 2010 , 03:33 PM
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1.Name of the product: Carlsbro seclusion sz4
2.When you bought the product: september 2010
3.Why you bought it: they were cheap and i didnt want to risk having my dt100's stolen at college
4. Cost: £14.99
5.Set up and/or installation: Just plug the cable on the headphone out
6.What do you like about the product: cheap, nice bass response
7.What donít you like about it: they seam open to leakage
8.Any improvements you would like to suggest for the product: bigger pads
9.How does it compare to similar products out there: There great for the price but the leak sound quite badly
10.Would you buy it again: yes.
11.Pros and cons summary: there confortable but the cable seems like its about to be unpluged any minute when used with an ipod

after popping down to dv i saw these and bought them, unfortunately the left hand driver seemed to resonate a lot and then failed altogether, the net day i took them back to dv and they happily replaced them with no problems, i couldn't fault them at all. the second pair were great
Life is just one big learning curve
(and im no where near the top!!!)
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