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Old 11th February 2011 , 01:54 PM
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Red face Expanding my set up

Hi All,

I'm new round here, after reading all the sound advice on offer I thought I 'd pose my own problem here.

It's probably easily solveable by some of you pros.

I'm currently running Logic 9 on my imac through a MOTU 8pre, in a small control room where I do all the recording.
I'm happy with the basic set up, I just plug in guitars/mics to the pre amps whenever I want them.

I've now acquired the room next door to my small control room, in which I have set up drums, guitar amps and a basic vocal booth. I'll need approx 10 Xlr's and (2 TRS jacks for guitar amps)

I'll also need a way to play guitar in the control room whilst recording in the drum room and a way to send audio through to headphones in the drum room,
Is this doable for a snake? If so what about 48v power if I want to use my vocal mic.

Then the other problem, Once I get the correct snake, how do I go about connecting it to my MOTU pre8,someone suggested I pick up a Mackie Onyx and use that as my main interface but it doesn't seem to have ADAT!!

I'm a little bit stuck and there is loads of questions here so please forgive this long introduction to the forum.

Many thanks for any help
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expanding set up, motupre8, snake

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