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Old 13th August 2010 , 03:19 PM
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Default Home Studio: Equipment Set-up

Hello everyone,
I've recently converted my garage to a spanking new rehearsal/recording studio. I've done all the acoustic treatments etc and the room sounds pretty good.

Now by no means am i a professional sound engineer (i'm actually a professional civil engineer for my sins!) and my set up is fairly basic.

PC using mainly Cubase SX, M-Audio Solo FireWire Audio Interface, M-Audio Radium 49 USB MIDI Keyboard, Fender Jaguar, Epiphone Sheraton, Gibson Epiphone PR-6E-TR, Jim Deacon Bass, Roland V6 Drums, Peavey Special 212 amp, Shure SM58, Behringer B1.

So, finally to my point!
My B1 mic has decided to make some horrible noises of late and i'm looking into buying a new condenser mic - the front runners seem to be Rode NT1A, AKG C1000S and the sE2200a. Any thoughts? I would be using it primarily for vocals, acoustics and probably use it to mic the amps.

In this search for a new mic i've come across a lot of info relating to vocal pre-amps and basically my big question here is, do i need a separate pre-amp or does my M-Audio Solo FireWire Audio Interface do the job? I certainly never had any problems before the B1 went to the knackers yard, its really just since i've been using the SM 58 to record vocals that i've noticed the volume has dipped considerably and i've had to turn the volume on the interface way up.

Thanks for any advice you guys can give me.

Social P
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Old 13th August 2010 , 06:26 PM
Mic Check 1!
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If you really want a condenser I'd probably go for the nt1a out of that bunch. Dynamic mics such as the sm58 need more gain than condensers. If you pair an sm58 with a decent preamp though you'll find an incredible difference with the sm58: it'll really come to life. My money would buy an fmr rnp if I was you. Ymmv of course
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Old 16th August 2010 , 10:29 AM
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Thanks for that Trev,

I'll have to ponder this a while longer i think. Having done all the work in the studio recently and getting a Fender Jag, which i've still to pay for, i'm not sure if i can afford a pre-amp that costs 399, just yet! But i don't want to buy a cheap and nasty one either.

I think to do things properly i need to get a decent condenser and a decent pre-amp. The pre-amp on the interface seems good enough with a condenser mic but not so good with the SM58. Although after some experimentation with compression etc last night i got a vocal sounding pretty good.

Hmm birthday coming up i wonder how generous the mrs is feeling!
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