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Old 10th June 2011 , 12:36 PM
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Just like to give my 2 cents, it might not be worth much but its what came to mind for me.

@ Piano, like people have already said, get the overall level mix balanced so everything sits ok, get your panning sorted etc. Then maybe try panning certain things. I myself (and mostly everyone I'd say) would keep things like rhythm guitar, bass, lead vox, and drums in the centre (excluding left and right overheads which go hard left and hard right respectively, snare and hi hat maybe a little to the left or right depending on which perspective you're mixing from (I go left a bit with the them), and toms, where you'd want to pan them depending on where they are on the kit, so Left Rack Tom a little to the left, Right Rack Tom to the right, floor tom off to the right a little more... and so on. Also it's worth saying I only usually do this kind of stuff with a live kit, if I'm working on a House track with electronic drums I pretty much keep everything in the centre, maybe putting things like percussion and extra cymbals out of the centre a little bit or use a stereo imager to make them a little wider and live sounding...

But basically keep everything which forms the meat of the track in the centre. And anything which handles the lower frequencies too--bass and kick drum and snare mainly, need to be mono, or fairly mono at least... Bass and kick drums in stereo usually don't work as they lose all their punch, it's quite an old fashioned technique used a lot in old soul/ motown tracks. Sometime's works, sometimes doesn't, but not something that gets much use these days?

Anyway, with things like lead guitar, solo's, strings, you might want to try panning them a little, to give them room in the mix, so they're not all fighting over that same point of 'space' in the stereo field...

Also if its things like guitar solo's etc, you might want to try some good compression on it to even it out, this should make it sit much better so that when you come to bring it up in the mix, it stays more consistent in level. You don't want to smash it obviously, you still want the dynamics, but anything that's drastically too loud or quiet should be able to be evened out a little with some good use of compression.

Also don't rule out volume automation in the mix, you might want bring up certain parts in the track so they sit at the front of the mix a little more, drop other parts back etc...

And yeah, be really critical of what you don't need in the track, you don't want it too cluttered and this is usually why problems arise concerning things not cutting through the mix...

*Edit* Also a problem that usually causes this is just starting the track with the faders too high. Its all well and good just bringing all the faders down by say, 8dB, when you start finding the lead vox doesn't have any headroom, for example, but once you start automating volume levels on the tracks this usually overrides the 'fader', so if you select all the faders and bring them down, the ones with level automation on them will just jump back up to the level that you automated it to. That's what happens in Logic anyway, which makes it very long winded bringing every fader down lol...

Hope this is of some help
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