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Old 20th November 2009 , 09:32 AM
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Default Exporting

Hi, new to this forum but have spent the last couple of days reading through some of your posts and have found some very useful info on here, so thanks for that.

Hopefully you can help with a small problem I'm having...

Finished a track solely in Reason for the first time (usually have it slaved), but want to mix it down in cubase by exporting each track as an audio file to make the most of my vst's. All well so far, but when I have tried to export them at 24/96 and load it into cubase it plays the track in cubase at half speed. It's fine if i export it at 16/44.1 but I would prefer to mix it down at the highest sample rate possible.

Any ideas?
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Old 20th November 2009 , 09:44 AM
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Sounds like your sound card is staying at 44.1 when playing back the 96khz file. You need to check that... and is your soundcard actually capable of 96khz, first off? If it is, both your Cubase session and your soundcard settings (if applicable) need to be 96khz.

Personally I don't see a real advantage to doing it at anything beyond 44.1 if MP3 or CD is your final mix target anyway - you'll have to do some unnecessary and potentially sonically damaging SRC at some point, especially as Cubase's SRC is pretty terrible. Not to mention the fact that processing 96khz audio in real-time is very hard on the CPU, but to each their own.
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Old 20th November 2009 , 12:12 PM
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Soundcard is definately capable of 24/96. The only reason why I wanted to get it at that sample rate is because I've always been advised to work at the highest possible, I appreciate that it will need to be converted at some point, I thought there might be some advantage in converting it at the final stage for the best clarity at mixing. To be honest though I would imagine that with the setup I am using (which is very budget) the sample rate change would not really be audible anyways. But at least I know now that I can do if requred.

Thanks for your response, appreciated.
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Old 30th November 2009 , 02:14 PM
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The main benefits to 24 bit audio are in the recording stages. You get a better dynamic range and SNR ratio. The extra bits of precision reduce quantisation error noise as well (ie you get a less stepped waveform reproducing the original signal).

It's not all plain sailing though. Even modern convertors cannot accurately fill a 24 bit audio sample.
And also, mixing at 24 bit still has issues with clipping the internal mix engine. Each time a signal at unity gain (o dB) doubles in track count, output increases by 3 dB. The large track counts, this results in you having to back off each channel by several db, effectively losing precision and dyanmic range of your mix.

Watch this and hopefully you might understand what I mean:

Another good post on this issue:

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