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Old 23rd September 2010 , 08:12 PM
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Default Pro Tools M-Powered (New user - basic questions)

Ok, I'm running an Audiophile 2496 + Delta 1010.

The sound mixer at the production company works with Pro Tools, so I'm looking at this to improve the workflow.

What I have here to start off is a demo of version 7.0 which came with the Audiophile when I bought it new a while back.

The first thing that's getting me is about the drivers. I have installed the latest Delta drivers and assumed that would provide all drivers such as ASIO, WDM and MME, but Pro Tools states that you have to use the driver that comes with their installation? (WDM drivers according to the filename) might be a newbie question, but can anyone shed some light on whether or not this is likely to interfere with my current driver config in any way? Don't want to install the driver just yet till I know for sure...

With regards to compatibility, if I deliver a session file, will it be fine to open up in a later version? If so, are sessions also compatible across LE/M-Powered versions for example...?
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Old 23rd September 2010 , 08:41 PM
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You have to use PT drivers. There's no way around that. I haven't heard of clashes but I guess it is possible. PT session files are transferable both between LE/m-audio/HD and to newer versions
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Old 24th September 2010 , 05:52 AM
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I’m making the assumption that the version of Pro Tools you have is an M-Audio pro Tools 7.0 demo?

Decide which device you wish to use as your input device either will do and then load the drivers for it following the instructions. This just loads the device drivers into windows or Mac. Pretty straight forward really you seem to understand the concept easily.

The next stage is to install your copy of Pro Tools. It has to be M-Audio Pro Tools. It won’t work if it’s not because you have the M-Audio device. M-Audio Pro Tools will check you have an M-Audio device configured when installing. PT just hooks into the existing driver once it has established a physical device is present. It won’t delete or remove anything.

Finally Pro Tools is very portable however plugins are not, so provided you follow the convention of stripping them off after your own personal mix and give the producer the plugin less session all should be good.

EDIT: the M-Audio site has a PT 7.4 demo avail for download.

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Old 24th September 2010 , 08:48 PM
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Thanks guys.

I installed the M-Audio drivers that came with the demo disc. They installed fine, but my newer driver was pretty much overwritten. Just blank areas where I used to have the Control Panel/Patchbay/Router sections etc. though I have these on the older driver utility that I just installed.

This would all be fine, except that when I tried to run it, it just said "Unable to locate M-Audio Hardware, ensure it's connected and turned on... blah de blah... :@

I disabled Clear Type fonts and rolled back IE8 which are apparently problematic things on a Pro Tools system.

The disc came with the Audiophile 2496, though I imagined it would work with any Delta driven M-Audio device (have a 1010 setup also) seeing as the drivers run both interfaces...

At the moment the driver sees the 1010 as interface 1 and AP as number 2.

All I can think of is to physically swap the cards around so that the driver will see the AP as device#1 (in the hope that the PT on disc only wants to see an AP as that's what it came with... but that sounds stupid even if I write this, so don't think I'll try that just yet...

Argh! All I want to do is TRY it!!

One thing I should mention - I installed PT first; didn't work. So installed the driver - then uninstalled and re-installed PT; was sure it would work, but...
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