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Pro Audio Mixers, mics, outboard, monitors, headphones

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Old 1st September 2008 , 03:16 PM
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Default Looking to buy a USB mixing Studio

I have been looking around for recording equipment for sometime now and had decided on the yamaha mw10c usb mixing studio. After enquiring at DV i was told that the mixer itself may not be instock until around october and after trying a number of other stores around the UK have found that they do not have stock of this item either. As i would need my mixer before this time any help on maybe a suitable alternative would be much appreciated. I would record mainly guitar but would also use microphones and maybe connect an electric drum kit to it aswel so i can record straight to my computer. I already have Cubase LE and would like to stick to a budget of around 150 pounds if possible.
Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated,
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Old 1st September 2008 , 05:08 PM
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Hi, having used my Yamaha MW12 for some time now my advice would be to hang on until you can get your 10. They are seriously well built and you wont find knobs falling off/going noisy and all the nasties that can happen.

Of course there is other stuff available out there however if you're patient I think you'll be rewarded.

Hope this helps
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Old 1st September 2008 , 05:34 PM
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Hi SPFH73,

If all you really want is something to get some tracks down, bound to work AND be useful later on, get an M-Audio Fast track pro.

No, not the best mic pre's around but warble into a capacitor or stuff a '57 in front of a cab and they do fine. DI in 2 chns, inserts, not common on AI's at all leave alone 100quid ones! MIDI i/o of course. S/PDIF I/O and stuff 9volts up its jaxie and the box will work as a stand alone 24bit A to D.

I find mine works on anything, 600M doorstop, 850M lap' Win Med CE, anything.

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