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Default Allen, Heath and Brenell

I had in for repair a 1986 A,H&Brenell Sabre 24-8-4-2 Studio Desk.
This machine had worked, every day, until quite recently. Not bad and true English design quality. Made in Cornwall!

It arrived totally dead. The Power Supply was missing the minus supply and a list of faults were supplied.

1/ Ch1 only works on the left main channel.
2/ Ch3 has no PFL mode.
3/ Ch24 has noise and a low frequency oscillation.
4/ No Mute functions.
5/ Left VU meter has no display on Master Output.

Interesting list of faults I thought.

I repaired the RPS3 Power Supply that has no schematic, so I thought to myself, "It's only a linear power supply, so it is very simple".
Fixed it!

Fault 1 turned out to be a broken Pan pot.

Fault 2 was poor soldering on the PFL switch caused by a loose PCBoard.

Fault 3 was poor contact on the 40 way connector. Re seating all of the connectors sorted that out.

Fault 4 was more involved, The lack of muting was caused by a very confused ROM in the digital Mute board and a destroyed Midi out driver. Replacing the Cmos driver and re-setting the commands and re booting it sorted that out. (Software version 3.1. The first version!).

Fault 5 was caused by a poor plug/socket connector under the main Stereo Panel.

All in all a very well built console, that has not exceeded its designed useful life, in my opinion.

A pleasure to repair.
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