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Old 23rd July 2008 , 12:00 PM
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Default Naiant mics

Hi All,
Anybody used the handmade Naiant mics?
i'm very curious about them and would like to hear some opinions.
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Old 24th July 2008 , 12:34 PM
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The guys on HomeRecording.com seem to think they're pretty amazing, but I'm not convinced. I gather they're cheap, home-made microphones produced using a guide from something called Tape Op, and they seem to be produced by a member of their community, which makes me doubt the rep the mics have. I mean, you're not going to slag off something your mate makes a living off, are you?

I did consider buying some of the Naiants myself a couple of months ago. The prices were excellent. But then, I read a review of one on Harmony Central and heard some sound samples, and was put off. They did sound fairly good, but they had far too much hiss. I ended up spending about four times as much and buying a pair of MXL 603s and a Studio Projects B1. I still might buy some Naiants, though - I'm planning to buy a Profire 2626 at some point over the next month, and don't see any point leaving those other five mic channels unpopulated. They might make some nice little sound-filler mics. I don't think I'd use them as primary mics, though.
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