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Pro Audio Mixers, mics, outboard, monitors, headphones

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Old 29th June 2010 , 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by tehlord View Post
If somebody tries to say the KRKs are brilliant and flat i'll stand side by side with the T-Clan and also point and laugh at them!
RP series are horrible, but they are cheap.

I have the KRK V series (V6 mk2 and the V12S sub) and to start with, I liked them, but over time Ive decided they are a bit too in-yr-face and I think I can make way more balanced mixed my Event monitors, but can hear details way way better on the KRKs - in the end this is partly why at the time I didnt sell the KRKs, just wasnt sure enough - in time proved right not to sell them.

If I get enough back from selling my other hardware - I might be tempted by genelecs in the future, but at 2-3K for equivalent monitoring - that might have to wait a very very long time
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Old 29th June 2010 , 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ecc83 View Post
Ha! Ha!

Actually Trev' I meant integrated BIG speakers like the phenominal old Kef R105's, tho' they had only 12" thumpers.

Ah. You mean like my ATC SCM300s? Each side has two 15inch woofers. ;-)

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Old 10th December 2016 , 03:31 PM
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Default Think I want to add a sub to my

Terry you might want to start another thread for this. Weve drifted off topic.
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