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Old 16th December 2008 , 10:51 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 1,722
Default Tascam LS-F8 Active Subwoofer ..when is it out?

hi im looking to buy a active sub and i was reading up on the specs of the Tascam LS-F8 Active Subwoofer and they seem pretty good for a subwoofer at the price 133 pounds.

ive seen it advertised on the dv247 website but theres no details on when it is out ive checked elsewere and they dont know too ..does anyone know when its out and does anyone have any additional info on it like if it comes with a external bypass switch or remote like a lot of other subwoofers do like the samsons..i originally wanted the m-audio sub but with the crap exchange rate now the prices have really gone up and i cant afford it but the tascam seems ok ..also does anyone know if it will work with my m-audio bx5s?or is it just for the tascams?im sure it will be ok but i just want some dv247 staff to confirm it before i buy one ..thanks ..


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Old 16th December 2008 , 11:25 PM
Mic Check 1!
TrevCircleStudios's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: England
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I hope you have some great room treatment!
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Old 17th December 2008 , 10:10 AM
modz1's Avatar
Join Date: May 2008
Location: London
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There is a slim possibility stock will arrive at DV a couple of days before Christmas (23rd).. But considering the mayhem of deliveries at this time of year, take that as speculative. If it doesn't land then, hopefully it will be before the close of '08 with fingers crossed. Just keep checking the DV247 site product page around that time to see if it shows stock..
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.."
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Old 17th December 2008 , 03:42 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 1,722

yeah ive got pretty god treatment in my room ..when i built my studio i spent a few hundred pounds on acoustic panelling and underfloor soundproofing..thanks for the heads up modz ill keep an eye out on the dv247 page its ok if its not before xmas i was looking to buy it after xmas anyway ..ive gone kinda overboard on buying my baby toys for xmas lol.last xmas he wasnt even 1 so he really didnt understand what was going on or walking properly but a year later and hes 20 months old now so the little guys pretty clued up on things now..he cant speak yet but he knows how to turn my studio on ,work my mixer and plays with my korg ms20 making weird sounds ..oh yeah and he loves my akai mpd24 !!! he uses it more than i do lol..ive just remembered i need to post pics of my baby wearing the yamaha stuff you guys sent me..good i gotta crap memory sometimes ill upload the pics at the weekend or if ive got any free time this week
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