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Pro Audio Mixers, mics, outboard, monitors, headphones

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Old 11th February 2012 , 08:37 PM
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Default Mics and more mics ...

I belong to the old school. Senheiser and an awful lot of microphones are good but Shure are still ahead in the front of house and backline world. They stand up to a lot of abuse before they stop working! The better vocal mic is still the 58 range. The SM58 is good but Beta58 will give an extra 3dB lift getting the vocalist up a bit higher before feedback sets in, using a Sabine Workstation.
I have never found a band that is unhappy with Beta58's and drummers do like Beta52's, they are on a par with the very old 110. SM57 is a good all rounder for micing up Marshall/HiWatt/Vox and most backline, producing a good workable signal for the desk.
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Old 29th December 2016 , 04:28 AM
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[QUOTE=TrevCircleStudios;12487]Mics are a personal thing. What I find is that:

1. the low end stuff (with some honourable - and usually dynamic - exceptions - EV RE20, Heil PR40, Shure SM7) tends to work ok on some sources and really badly on others. Case in point, I think the Oktava 219 works great on snare. I wouldnt think about putting it near a vocalist);

2. The mid range stuff tends to work really well on some sources and ok on others;

3. the high end stuff tends to work very well on a far wider range of sources;

So if you can find a low end mic that really works with the source you wanna record, you got a great bargain. Problem is you will have to test so many to work out which one works for you![/QUOTE]

Wise words here. Would love to see a website where mics are rated for different instruments - users put their own ratings on mics for the different things they have used them for.
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