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Old 4th December 2010 , 03:21 PM
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Default How to connect subwoofer?

I have two FBT Maxx 4a's connected to a Behringer Xenyx 1222FX mixer, and the mixer is connected to a computer. Now I decided to purchase a new FBT ProMaxx 15Sa subwoofer to get more lows into the music.

But I'm a rookie at this stuff so I don't know where I should connect the subwoofer.

Here is a picture from FBT Maxx 4a's back panel:


FBT ProMaxx 15Sa back panel:


And the mixer:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(I know the mixer in the picture is 1222USB but it is nearly identical to my 1222FX.)
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Old 30th December 2010 , 01:52 AM
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Default Just a guess

Try to daisychain your two mains together and run them into the Main out left. Then daisy chain your new subs together and run them into the Main out right. That should work, but you will be running in mono.

The reason for that is because if you try to pan it to the left, it will actually pan to the mains because the mains are plugged into the main out left. If you pan it to the right, it will actually pan it to the subs because the subs are plugged into the main out right. But if you don't pan anything anyway, it should all work out fine.

I hope I made sense to you. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Old 30th December 2010 , 12:11 PM
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I'm sorry, I wouldn't normally butt in on a reply, but the last poster's suggestion is just a little bit bizarre...

Connect your main speakers as per normal and connect the sub to the "Link - Out" socket on either your left *OR* right main speaker. The sub-bass program material is almost entirely mono and so can equally be picked out from either the left or right main speaker feed.
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Old 4th January 2011 , 04:18 PM
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You're right there Dave. That new member was a troll/competitior and has been banned..
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