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Old 9th September 2009 , 07:15 PM
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Default Adding passive Subs?


I`m looking for some info on behalf of my son who plays in a group.
They currently have a basic PA setup consisting of a (oldish but reliable) Carlsbro CDX 8+2 powered mixer and a pair of peavey Hisys 2 speakers.
He was looking to add a pair (or one if possible) of subs but we are not sure if this is possible or how to go about it.
His powered mixer is rated at 2 X 300W into 4 Ohms - the hisys 2 speakers are 4 ohms. He was looking to feed the output from the powered mixer into the Subs ( with built in crossovers?) and then feed the signal out of the bass bins into the Hisys 2 speakers for mid and high freqs. Does this seem OK? Also what impedance subs would we need as 4 & 8 Ohm seem to be available in most ranges.
The mixer also has a line out ( Left and Right on 1/4 jacks) would it be better to use these to feed a powered Sub and then leave the Hisys 2`s on the main output?
Any other ideas or suggestions welcome.


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Old 10th September 2009 , 09:44 AM
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You can do either, but stick with 4 ohms if your main cabs are 4 ohms.
I have a pair of Peavey Hisys subs and top cabs, both 4 ohms. The subs are passive and have an onboard crossover so I come out of the power amp, into the subs, then out of the subs & into the top cabs.
I picked up the subs for 160/pair 2nd hand. They have a little 'van wear', but they do the job. Avoid the pro 15/messenger series if you can. They're very cheap and there's a reason for that.

If I had the budget though, I would have gone for one of these. http://www.dv247.com/pa-systems-and-...bwoofer--27807
A DJ I know has one and its good, damn good, damn damn good.
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