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Old 29th May 2016 , 09:02 PM
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Question Building a PA system for a 3200 sq ft club! HELP!

Hey, so am planning to turn the old family barn into a nightclub and I've been researching PA systems online for a few days now and needless to say am still confused as hell, and would really appreciate some guidance.

The barn is a 82 ft x 39 ft (3198 sq ft) brick enclosure and the ceiling is about 16 ft high. Now instead of buying a system I've decided to get one build, what kind of PA would work to really light this place up? Here's what I've planned so far.

TOPS: 4 x three way line arrays (2 on each side) powered by 2 x 12" LF, 4 x 6" MF, 2 x 2" HF drivers.

SUBS: 2 x dual 18" front loaded. (I would love to have a folded horn or a scoop but research tells me they are best for outdoors and won't do justice in 3200 sq ft club...but let me know if you think otherwise)

Now a sound engineer friend of mine is suggesting I swap the 12" for 15" and get 6 x arrays (3 on each side) and 3 x dual 18" subs but I think that would a bit much, maybe keep the 12" but get 6 x arrays with 3 x dual 18", also I've no idea what kind of wattage would be adequate for the speakers as well as the system as a whole, also speaker sensitivity, SPL and all that jazz. As you can probably tell am quite confused and any help is appreciated, the club would strictly be electronic in nature, between 90 bpm - 180 bpm, you know dub/house/techno all that goodness.
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