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Old 8th November 2012 , 01:46 PM
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Default Tips on reducing the boot time for your PC

Disabling GUI files, speed up the boot process.

For use within Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS.

1 Click Start and type MSCONFIG in the search box. Press enter.
2 When the system configuration loads, click Boot tab.
3 Locate the No GUI tab and check it.
4 Click OK to close the configuration tool.
5 A smaller window may pop up asking if you would like to re boot your computer now or later.
Close any open files and click Yes.

When your computer restarts, the System Configuration tool may load, notifying you of the change.
Click the box ?Don't show this message again?.
Reboot your computer and a second or so will be saved as the system no longer has to load unwanted pictures.

Windows 7 is similar to Vista as the programme files are loaded in parallel, unlike older versions that loaded in series. Thereby saving boot time.

Another save is to disable Windows Home Page Sound. That will stop the system from loading up to 600k of unwanted noise.

1 In control panel select Sound. Click on Sounds tab.
2 Uncheck ?Play Windows Startup Sound?

Disabling unwanted hardware devices will save processing power allowing more power for other more important tasks like math processing of formulae, (Games!).

1 Click the Start Menu, type Devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2 When Devmgmt.msc has loaded browse through your devices.
3 Devices that you don't often or ever use can be disabled by Right Clicking the device name and selecting Dissable.
4 To re enable the Device, repeat the last line and select Enable.

This can save an awful lot of processing and therefore time loading programmes that you want, not rubbish that is not required.

Disabling unwanted Fonts.
Windows loads over 130 different fonts when it starts up. Only a handful are used. On a regular basis.
Go to the font directory, copy it to a USB stick or CD in case you require any that you remove by mistake and place them back where you got them from. Adobe uses some odd fonts sometimes!

I recommend keeping:
Segoe, Calibri Common, Veranda, Arial, Trebuchet, Tahoma, Times New Roma and Ms Sans Serif. Be sure to keep the variants of those fonts.

Linux based systems have a "Load the file when it's needed" so not wasting memory and therefore time loading the OS.
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Old 11th November 2012 , 11:52 AM
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- replace your system/boot drive with an SSD.

Even if you do go through the entire starup routine, it'll fly...!
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