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Old 30th December 2008 , 09:38 AM
Costa Del Cool
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Originally Posted by KoolZ View Post
On my PC-based laptop the first application I'd install would be FL Studio as the environment is quick and relatively easy to use with low CPU usage
It certainly is that! Even thought I don't use it anymore it V8 has come a long way since the "Fruity Loop" days!
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Old 29th June 2009 , 10:42 AM
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iv been using FL as my primary DAW since version 7.
and im sure i can do alot more with it than alot of people can with more expensive programs like cubase and logic.
i would never dream of producing with anything else.

i cant actually make heads or tails of Cubase LE4 atall though... if i could i may have tried using it to write a track and see the differences :/
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Old 24th July 2009 , 11:23 PM
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I use FL studio rewired into Reaper, it's quite a versatile setup for the kind of thing i do (which is more compositional and about me recording myself than it is about mastering plugins or other such things i've never worried myself about...)
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Old 11th September 2009 , 12:17 PM
Forum Scribe
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Strange really...I never used FL much after buying it a few versions ago. Since I have an online version I can get free updates from Image line (I hope they do not change that) for free so will check out FL9 now that it is out. The List of changes is very long indeed.

I just cannot work with the interface for the most part but there is a "polar skin" on the FL forums that looks quite nice. I would be quite happy to use FL with that I must say
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