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Old 29th August 2008 , 08:05 AM
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Default Charity shop guitars

Just a quick post, this.

Here I am now at 9am, having woken up at 8:45 and gone to bed at something nearing five, feeling absolutely awful and looking ten times worse (at this point, I'd like to thank God for giving man the power to invent prescription sunglasses), and although this comes after a string of late night and early rises and I could really do with a couple more hours sleep (about a day's worth would be good, actually), it's all in aid of a bass guitar spotted in a charity shop window on the way home last night. It's an SG copy, it looks fairly old but in decent condition, and it seems a bargain at only 30. She will be mine. Oh yes. She will be mine.

And this'll be the second time that I've sacrifived sleep and sanity for the sake of a super-cheap charityshop guitar. And it makes me wonder, who here has ever done the same? And what lengths have you gone to to buy a second-hand guitar?
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Old 29th August 2008 , 11:19 AM
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Not for guitars, but in a similar kinda vein !

I remember finishing Dj-ing on a Friday night at 3/4 in the morning. Going home (sometimes) and then being back in town for 9am to catch the different reps in the different record shops.

Catching the distro reps was the only way of making certain you got the latest sounds. They would turn up in the vans, and wheel out the new stock. They normally had a couple of promos for the shop people to check out and pre-order from for the couple of weeks after. But if you were regular, spent a lot, got on with them and were playing their records out, they would give you the odd freebie promo as a thankyou.

I miss those days.
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