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Old 30th July 2012 , 05:43 PM
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Default Moving to a new house

Well it looks like I am going to have a new room for my studio, might need you guys to give me a few pointers on treating it though.

It's a house we've had our eye on for a while, it's bigger in general and has bigger rooms more importantly!

I'll get some pictures soon as I am going in to get a start with the decorating this weekend, though we don't move in until start of october mind you.

The room that i will soon have is more of a rectangle shape as opposed to the more square shape that I have now. It's not a perfect rectangle, there are a couple of indents but hopefully nothing that will cause me any problems.

I have 9 acoustic panels just now but if i need more i can get more made up. Will just need a few pointers on what areas of the room will need particular attention and how best to set things up.

I'll get exact dimensions too.
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That sounds like good news.

I think I am just about the least qualified to advise you so if I go first then the others can either correct me or add further helpful advice.

I am sure you know the basics, having been through them before but just to recap, read my post from a year ago over at Gearslutz which explains the general principle of why traps are useful and where they should go. The picture is from the topic that gets mentioned, called 30 traps, because that is how many he made.

I made 41 traps (I count 3 one metre high traps in each of the 4 corners as 12 of my 41) of which 39 are in my room with 2 spare for me to use as gobos. I made extra because I am not fixed in the mixing position as it is a rehearsal room and I play my instruments in there when recording and the principle I was aiming for was the technical term RFZ, a reflection free zone, where, by avoiding the ability for sound to bounce back and forth between two opposite hard surfaces, I have avoided the problem of flutter echo.

As before, Chris, start with your 9 traps and as you can afford to should you wish to or need to trap more reflections.

Edit: spelling mistakes.
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