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Old 19th July 2011 , 09:05 AM
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Default Manufacturers R Awfully Nice!

Been having a great experience with help from a couple of manufacturers lately, just thought I'd share.
Had a fault on my Vox VT100 which I sent back to DV, who sent back to Vox, who then just sent me back a brand new amp! Although the new amp has now developed the same fault and from what I read on the valvetronix forums, it seems to be a design fault. No big deal, just got to get some better quality jack inputs fitted.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend gave me an old cry baby wah pedal, but it had a couple of feet missing, so I emailed Dunlop to ask where I could buy new feet and they just sent me a whole set of new ones in the post. How damn nice of them!

Today I'm going to write to Mesa Boogie and tell them I have a bunch of valves here, but the Road King head seems to be missing..
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Old 26th July 2011 , 02:30 PM
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I wish I had the same luck.

My HTC Desire went off for repair 2 weeks ago. I got a phone call Yesterday saying most of the problems were caused by a faulty battery. Brilliant I thought. What an easy fix...

"If you want us to replace it before sending your phone back, that comes out at 32".

Needless to say. I wasn't paying 32 for a battery.So I then rang T-Mobile. They said it was correct as they class batteries as accessories and therefore only give 90 day warranties on them. How can a battery be classed as an accessory. It's a critical component !

In the end, I spoke to HTC. Who are now asking for more information on exactly what is faulty about the battery. Information I wasn't given by the repair agent, or have any way of asking to find out. They told me to speak to them again when the phone & battery are back. But won't do anything in the mean time. Like just send me a battery with a return to base pack for the faulty one.
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Old 30th July 2011 , 12:10 AM
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Yeh I was thinking just what a difference from day to day goods manufacturers these music manu's are. I couldn't imagine the same sort of treatment from someone who makes a phone or a washing machine, your case just goes to show! Man what a joke they're having with you!

Actually lest I forget to add Marshall to that list, they've been so good to me with my hopelessly unreliable JTM60. They know it has a design fault and they've almost re-built it under the service warranty! New speakers, valve seats, transformer and of course shiny new knobs.
I guess maybe its because guys like us are working there, I don't know, but it's cool.
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