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Old 21st November 2008 , 08:19 AM
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Default Favourite Artist

well i dont think this has been covered and as we are all potentially "artists" why not explore our more visual side rather than auditory.
my main artists i follow and collect the occasional piece from are

salvador dali

H.R Giger

and genres i love comic book art, cliche i know but Marvel are great and Manga

Im a Mac and Windows 7 was not my idea
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Old 21st November 2008 , 09:25 AM
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Wassily Kandinsky
His work never looks out of place in Pizza Hut
I have quite a few

I have a few Monet's too - everyone wondered why he used a slight blurring technique and now they have discovered he had bad eyesight - that is really quite funny.

Mainly though, if I like a picture I copy it myself in crayon - sad, but true.

I've just completed- apart from the background - my avatar in poster size with slight scale adjustments. Some would say it's brilliant - I couldn't possibly say - yeah it is actually.
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Old 21st November 2008 , 09:28 AM
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+1 on Kandinsky
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Old 21st November 2008 , 10:46 AM
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I do like the style of comic book art.
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