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sureno 24th January 2009 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Simon Cow (Post 26026)
a guy that almost made me want to quit music altogether

lmao oh how i know that feeling:D

Khazul 24th January 2009 05:31 PM

I studied music at school, but that was long enough ago to have forgotten it all.

These days, I'm still picking up piano again (not had any lessons), but what I found was the biggest help was spending time to learn to recognise what I can hear in music and sounds and work out the techniques to recreate something. To go with that - some time spent relearning some music theory, stuff about relationships between harmonics and intervals from a root note etc and how that relates to the harmonic series of various waveforms etc - ie all stuff thats kicking around the net. Ive still a long long way to go, particularly in learrning to recognise the sounds of more chord voicings etc.

Its a similar thing with mixing too - the technical skill of knowing and operating the gear is one thing and knowing what bit of gear is good for what etc, but the key skill that takes years to aquire is that of learning to fully understand what you are hearing and pick it apart, understand why you perceive it as you do etc, and relate that to applying the gear at your disposal to make the right corrections according to your understanding of what your hear.

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