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Old 12th April 2019 , 03:48 PM
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Default Dishonest Business *AVOID*

I've just spoken on the phone with James M, and his manager Alister. They both were very rude and dishonest. They could check the order that I placed to verify that my order was placed with me being told that I wold have a UK plug. And to clarify, as I did to the manager: I GET NOTHING OUT OF THIS AND LOSE COMPLETELY AS IVE GIVEN MY MONEY TO A COMPANY THAT DOESNT CARE ABOUT ITS CLIENTS AND JAMES M GET RECOGNITION FOR DOING A BAD JOB, it is also unbearably obvious that 2 other UK based companies do the same product for the same price with the same warranty and delivery times... Why would I not just order with one of them? They can also listen to the phone call, if they do indeed record them, according to alistar they do no, however it is irrelevant as its written to, to verify what I say to be true. I dont expect they will sort this, and they wont even respond to emails. On top of that they were both so rude, I honestly couldn't believe a manager would speak to a client like that, however, consumers do catch up to these things eventually and this company will become obsolete i would imagine. I will very much make this mission (and thanks to this, my timeschedule has opened up) to both expose and recomfirm the comments already online. I dont even need or care for anyone to apologise and 260 pounds is not a lot, but thats not the point... what I do expect is honesty and fairness. This company has done nothing to sort this out, and I can most likely imagine that you will not... You have ruined a day of work for me and my client, you have put my schedule back until I receive this lead that is apparently being sent out (we shall see), and they have given me no reason but to head to all the forums and to denounce the company and to get in touch with my contacts to do the same... I have no reason in front of me to not do this now considering nothing has been done to make this fair. All I wanted to know is why I was lied to and how it would be fixed. I could have ordered from 2 other companies, and for this guy to get recognition and commision, no matter if it is 1% or not, is unnacceptable and dishonest and its quite obvious that his motivations were this as simply, no other options exist. And if this company rewards dishonest sales and punishes the consumer without even trying to fix it, I will not accept that and I hope that you will not as well, though, I dont expect this post to be here for long...
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