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New Product Suggestions Are they any products or brands you think Digital Village should stock?

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Old 14th July 2010 , 09:08 PM
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Default Acoustic Treatment

There is always quite a bit of discussion on here about acoustic treatment and based on opinions i've read on here from more experienced people and from things i've read in magazines, it would appear most people favour the likes of rockwool panels as opposed to acoustic foam and things like that. When i search for acoustic treatment on the DV website, most of (if not all) the products that come up are foam products. All in different square sizes usually. For starters i, personally, wouldn't know where to stick any of these panels let alone know how many i would need, they are also pretty expensive considering what they are but the main thing that confuses me is why do DV offer so many of these foam products which some people don't really feel do a very good job, yet they don't offer any sort of rockwool panel products which seem to be held in such high regard and are always used in things like Sound on Sound's studio SOS? I know there is nothing stopping people taking the DIY route and doing it themselves but i'm sure there are also alot of people like myself who wouldn't know where to start building these panels and ultimately can't really be bothered with the hassle. Obviously there are alternative places you can buy finished panels such as GIK Acoustics (the only place i know of actually) which is where i will be purchasing my own but if DV can offer such a wide range of foam products, why not offer finished rockwool acoustic panels too? If they were to think about doing this, it would also be helpful to have a dedicated part of the site which could explain acoustic treatment a little more in depth and perhaps offer tips on where to hang panels and how to get the best results. I think a lot of budding recording musicians don't really appreciate how important it actually is and i certainly didn't either until i spoke to people on this message board. The thing is it doesn't help that these sort of panels are not readily available or widely available to buy. For all the years i have been playing instruments and making music, i have never known the importance of acoustic treatment nevermind what it actually is and what materials are used. I used to think egg box shaped foam covering your walls was studio acoustic treatment. I just think that perhaps if the products were a little more widely available and perhaps promoted a little more, then maybe people wouldn't be as oblivious to it. The editor of SOS had a little article on it a couple of months back re-enforcing how important it was and saying how it was a shame that it was an area where most people were still very reluctant to spend their money or something to that effect. Just thought perhaps with DV could think about maybe looking into something like that, instead of just having the foam.
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