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modz1 26th November 2008 10:41 AM

Performers - Fight for your rights!

A video message was, this morning, delivered to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown on behalf of PPL members and in fact all performers, urging him to support musicians and our industry by backing the Copyright Term Directive.

Here's an extract from PPL Chairman Fran Nevrkla's email on the matter..


His Minister, John Denham, is still refusing to support us and he has been attempting to block this Directive in discussions in the European Council of Ministers. A number of musicians have now written to their local MPs and we are noticing that this is increasing the pressure on the Government to review their position. I would like to repeat my thanks to you for taking the trouble to take this up with your MP. If you have not yet done this, there is still time. You can find your MPs at http://www.upmystreet.com/commons/l/.

Please send them this link to the video.

The arguments remain the same. It is only fair that performers should have the same copyright term as other artists, such as composers, lyricists, photographers, authors and graphic artists. They get life plus 70. We are limited to 50 years from the release of the recording.

The USA has increased copyright term for performers and producers to 95 years. The European Commission has drafted the Copyright Term Directive to take our copyright term up to 95 years. The French and German governments are supporting this. In the UK, the opposition parties, the Culture Select Committee and numerous backbench MPs support this proposal. But our own Government continues to refuse to back this Directive.

The UK Government needs to hear that we are not giving up on this. Musicians deserve a fair copyright term.
Forum members, please pass this post/message on ('right click>copy' on top right of post 'permalink') to all and anyone you know that perform and produces music - it's vital for each and every one of us to protect our own and our colleagues interests. Also, if you wish to make a video expressing your feelings on this important matter, then it can be submitted to the PPL/VPL HERE, where you can also read more in-depth on this Directive :thumbsup:

"It's only logical.. and fair"

sureno 26th November 2008 10:47 AM

i fully support this but cant help feel this will of been done in vain, the gov. are a shambles, guy falks should of done the job right:p

curious to know where the stopped royalties will go? goverment?

Dave Boulden 26th November 2008 11:06 AM

Given the huge amounts of money the Government is happy to throw at banks and the economy in general, this stance is diametrically opposed to everything else they are doing right now. It's just wrong!

I'm going to blog this and try to do my bit to publicize the issue.


Dave Boulden 26th November 2008 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by sureno (Post 19022)
curious to know where the stopped royalties will go? goverment?

The record company will keep them.

modz1 26th November 2008 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by Dave Boulden (Post 19029)

I'm going to blog this and try to do my bit to publicize the issue.

Good one Dave :thumbsup:

Monarch 26th November 2008 07:08 PM

Great thread modz1. I will do my bit to spread the word. :bbsmile:

MikeHunt79 26th November 2008 10:52 PM

Looking at this to see if there are any upsides whatsoever... Does this mean sampling 50+ year old records is fair game and legally less hassle?

I've always been itching to do a Gabber version of George Formby :bbbiggrin:

That being said, I agree that the rules should be changed, 50years is not long at all!

sureno 26th November 2008 10:58 PM

it seems that only the artist is effected, everyone else will still recieve the scratch

modz1 27th March 2009 06:49 PM

Update to this thread: PPL Chairman & CEO Fran Nevrkla has just emailed his members with this latest newsflash


Dear Friends and Colleagues

We have just learned that, at a crucial meeting this morning, the UK Government voted against the Copyright Term Directive. The meeting of COREPER (comprising representatives of the Member States) failed to approve the text of the Directive proposed by the Presidency. We are sending this news immediately because of its impact on all PPL members.

This seems to be fundamentally at odds with the Government's assurances that they were looking after performers through this Directive.
In conjunction with the MU, BPI and AIM, PPL have today issued the following statement:

“The British music sector is very disappointed by the absence of agreement on an extension for performers and sound recording rights at the COREPER meeting today, and particularly that our own government, despite its recent positive statements, did not vote in favour of the proposal at this meeting.

“The UK music sector has lived up to its commitments by reaching an agreement, as demanded by Ministers, that will deliver real benefits to musicians in an extended term. In continuing to hold out for further changes, the government has not heeded the repeated pleas of the very musicians it claims to support, who strongly encouraged it to vote for the proposal today.

“We call on the government to work with us urgently to match its supportive rhetoric with concrete action, by moving heaven and earth to reach an agreement under this EU Presidency that will deliver an improved term of copyright for performers and music companies.”

Kind regards


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