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Conversation Between whitecat and mrfracas
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  1. mrfracas
    20th August 2008 10:18 PM - permalink
    It's definitely got the textures and perspective of Thorgesons art.
  2. whitecat
    20th August 2008 10:00 PM - permalink
    Sorry, yeah, by 'concert films' I meant 'films that are projected behind Floyd and/or Waters and/or Gilmour when playing live.' Check out youtube, a lot of stuff is on there. here's a good one allegedly directed by Storm - [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ioavsW0tgI]YouTube - Pink Floyd - High Hopes[/url]
  3. mrfracas
    20th August 2008 09:41 PM - permalink
    Yeh, I misintepreted your original reply. 't'would certainly be nice to see some live Floyd material.
  4. whitecat
    20th August 2008 09:36 PM - permalink
    Fantastic cover. Anyway, [I]The Wall[/I] is terrific, but that's an Alan Parker masterpiece as opposed to a Storm Thorgerson masterpiece... :)
  5. mrfracas
    20th August 2008 08:24 PM - permalink
    He recently did the art for the new [URL="http://www.twistedrecords.co.uk/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=126&osCsid=21b80fb07bb382ed9215e67923b6ae26"]Younger Brother album[/URL] too. I'd love to get a copy of [I]The Wall[/I] film!
  6. whitecat
    20th August 2008 08:17 PM - permalink
    thanks! Storm is da man, as far as I'm concerned. Floyd, Muse, Peter Gabriel, Zeppelin, it's all good. love his films, too - they're sort of 'non-video-music-videos' - the concert films for Pink Floyd are all ridiculously poignant. Wish they were here - released in some format I could purchase and then watch. :)
  7. mrfracas
    20th August 2008 07:37 PM - permalink
    Nice choice of avatar!

    I'd really like to get the 'Oh, By The Way' boxset; but in vinyl form would be ideal!

    Are you a fan of Storm Thorgeson's cover art?

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