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Conversation Between MUSIKMAKER1 and Khazul
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    1st December 2008 09:02 AM - permalink
    Ooh thanks Khazul! thanks I feel better now! lol :bbbiggrin:
  2. Khazul
    30th November 2008 11:46 PM - permalink
    Have this one :)

    28th November 2008 11:23 AM - permalink
    Sureno STOLE my animation that I found on the internet :bbhuh:

  4. Khazul
    24th November 2008 01:05 PM - permalink
    Hi - thanks for saying hello, and welcome here :)
    I didnt see your message until yesterday - oops :o

    My noises tend to cover progressive house, trance, tech house, electro house, and loads of older flavours of house. Even been known to throw togther the odd jazz/soul type thing once in a while :eek:

    I guess my sweet spot is prgressive house - ie all type of houses with a very trancey influence.

    Whats your focus genres for producing?
    21st November 2008 05:50 PM - permalink
    Hi names MUSIKMAKER1 whats your genre what do you do?

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