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Conversation Between EdRyan and Guitar Man
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  1. Guitar Man
    10th December 2009 12:41 PM - permalink
    Guitar Man

    It may be worth mentioning that i also have a pre amp (Focusrite ISA One and Dig Board UXB [Bundle] includes ISA One and Digital Option) I don't know if this makes any difference????
  2. Guitar Man
    10th December 2009 12:40 PM - permalink
    Guitar Man

    Thank you for your input. I am glad you say that the Amp designers and plug in boards are good because that is what made me go with logic. The only trouble is is that i have already puchased the PT with the Mbox and will be using that as my sound interface!!!?? will this be a problem? I will have to make do for a while and and use it while learn Logic and save for another interface.

    What is the second hand market like?? What interface would you recomend?? I was looking at a MOTU UltraLite mk3 FireWire Audio Interface????

    Thank you for you help, very good. I am waiting for it all to turn up so i get stuck in and see how i go. I guess i will be back with a few questions sometime.
  3. EdRyan
    10th December 2009 04:02 AM - permalink
    Hello Guitar Man.
    I'd pick Logic to start with. It's better featured for your needs. The Guitar processing plugs are ace. Plugin board and Amp Designer are goooood. I hate PT for so many reasons. Old/Poor plugins that claim to sound like decent hardware (they don't do anything good at all for me). I think the Mbox is more of a security dongle instead of an interface. A fact proven by the Mbox midi (with mini jack i/o on a usb stick) and their packages based around USB Microphones. Then there's the latency issue. Followed by the lack of affordable 3rd party plugs for PT. PTHD costs a bomb but is good. le isnt worth the pcb and dvd its pressed on !

    Get an old version of Logic and buy the upgrade. Will cost around 200 in total. Then go get a decent interface. Spend as much as you can here. Something with good pres and convertors will save you a lot of trouble with your recorded parts failing to shine in your tracks.
  4. Guitar Man
    9th December 2009 12:23 PM - permalink
    Guitar Man
    Hello Ed

    I'm new to this forum( only started yesterday) I have noticed that you seem pretty clued up on logic. I have just ordered am 17 inch MBP with logic 9 and Pro Tools (mbox2) any adivce??? I am completely new to recording i am a singer,guitar player and piano player so i will be doing a fare amout of audio. I noticed that you play the guitar or spoke of it on one of your post. Look forward to any advice you can give to a novice starting out (but going to crack it and wanting to learn)

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