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Old 25th July 2008 , 09:20 AM
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Default Logic Express to Logic Pro

We used Logic Express and Garageband to make our first album ([I]Portraits in Stone[/I]) and we are now in the throes of putting together album 2. We found Logic Express more than adequate for our needs, but we are wondering if there are any benefits that we haven't thought about that Logic Pro would provide?

In other words, should we upgrade?


Noel Chidwick

Arbelos - prog/folk/psychedelic/rock (or so we've been told!)
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Old 25th July 2008 , 09:30 AM
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Other than a handful of instruments and effects that only come with Logic Pro that you may or may not need (I don't tend to use much of the LP built-in stuff myself) the differences are mostly technical. Logic Pro can do surround sound, it can do distributed audio processing over ethernet (which in my experience doesn't work very well if at all), it has control surface support and it has TDM support if you have pro tools hd cards.

The Logic Studio package now also includes some extras: you'll get Soundtrack Pro, Waveburner, Mainstage and a bundle of free audio content among other goodies, so there's a plus point to be had there.

So I think the thing is: if Logic Express is "more than adequate" then why bother, unless one of those things is vital to your workflow? The plug-in/instrument difference can be more than made up with 3rd party stuff if you need to, and the other things aren't really necessary for making a basic record.

Logic Express is a surprisingly powerful tool, it does most of what Logic Pro does anyway at a great price - however, it's worth noting that Logic Studio has also never been cheaper, and if the extras are valuable to you, then perhaps that's the reason to upgrade.
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Very well put.
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