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Old 24th May 2012 , 08:03 AM
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Question Help linking a MOX6 to LogicPro! Please!

I was told it was very easy to link my MOX6 to Logic, (MOX6 bought from DV, fantastic stand alone sounds) but I am having a devilish time linking them so I can record those fantastic sounds into Logic. (It works as a dummy keyboard for the inbuilt Logic sounds, but I bought it to use it as a tone generator itself.) I have been through the manuals time and again with a fine tooth comb, but I lose it when they start talking about the Quick SetUp etc and all the MIDI and AUDIO settings, and what I see on screen doesn't match! And I also don't understand all the parameters (on the MOX and in Logic!) - I just want it to record!! Can someone help!
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