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Old 31st December 2010 , 09:02 PM
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Default Novation Nocturn 49 keyboard

I'm looking for a cheap MIDI Keyboard Controller.
I'm hardly a musician - I just want it for personal amusement really.
I currently run Windows 7 32bit and Sonar 7 Producer. I was given it a few years ago and haven't really used it until a couple of months ago.
I have a whole bunch of MIDI compositions I created years ago and have been re-voicing them via Sonar.
Now I want to create more music and want a keyboard.

I've been looking around the Net and as I'd prefer a 61 note model, I initially picked out a Behringer UMX610 MIDI Keyboard as suitable but the more I looked into it, it seems Behringer are not very popular - cheap rubbish that soon falls apart I hear...

So, I then start looking at M-Audio's Keystation 61es or the Oxygen 49 3rd Generation but soon discover that M-Audio kit has loads of problems with drivers for Windows 7. I don't want the hassle so that's them out of the window.

Next up I look at the Cakewalk A-500S 49key MIDI Keyboard. This seems like it might be OK for my purposes, it states that it'll run fine on Windows 7 and at least it should mesh with Sonar.
Trouble is, I just read a thread - - where BVC states:

"Good job Roland, you've released a controller identical to the Alesis Q49, CME M-Key, M-Audio Keystation 49, and countless products that were discontinued due to lack of interest in non-descript recycled garbage. Looks like the A-series follows the formula virtually every company uses in MIDI controller land: "Our last group of controllers sold moderately well, so let's revamp them in a new colored casing."

The A-series is the Edirol PCR-X00 series recycled but in black, with differently placed pads, a sad omission of the cross-fader (hope you saved some money, guys), and some auto mapping that only works with Sonar (a program that out of all the DAW enthusiasts I know not one uses)... OH! And because they're new to the market they can charge double for them! (Yes, double, no exaggeration; I got my PCR-800 for $199 brand new.)"

Well not quite double but the Alesis Q49 is very cheap and now (I'm thinking) maybe nasty.

So, since it looks like I might have to dig a little deeper I'm now sniffing around a Novation Nocturn 49 keyboard. From what I've read and seen so far it looks to be pretty impressive.

So, to my question: Is there anybody out there who has tales of woe regarding the Novation Nocturn 49 keyboard running on Widows 7 32bit with Sonar 7 Producer?
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