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Old 4th May 2010 , 01:31 PM
Junior Member
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Scotland
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Default NOVATION Remote Zero SL

Hi I've been looking at NOVATION Remote Zero SL I was wondering if anyone had experience with this midi controller. I'm looking for something that will work well with Cubase 5, that I'll use and at the same time won't burst the bank.

thanks in advance
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Old 31st May 2010 , 10:21 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 1,722

ive had one since they first came out and too be honest in all that time its never performed as good as its been avertised or hyped up to be.
theres a few major problems and ill list a few........

1) the drum pads are useless there too small and not sensitive enough even when you turn them to full velocity they only respond if you touch them bang on in the center so useless in a day to day situation of creating beats,,i went and bought the akai mpd24 its much better to create beats with and can be used as a controller to work with cubase.
2) the faders dont have a long enough throw to them and arnt as acurate as they should be the values jump erratically so yet again its useless to write automated fades..in the end i bought a steinberg houston which is designed for cubase has full automation and is pin sharp accurate brilliant piece of gear.
3)the knobs yet again arnt accurate and values jump wildly which makes it useless to write automated values in your daw say you want the frequency of a synth to gradually come in as thesong plays well the remote zero has different ideas and on som vsts such as the korg ms20 it will jump t whatever it feels like..in the end i bought the korg legacy collection with korg ms20 midi controller everything works well now when i use the ms20.
4)the automap software doesnt work correctlly with all vsts and when you wrap them in the automap software some cause major problems when rescanned in cubase..vsts such as proteus x2 and emulator 2 crashed my system when wrapped in automap 3 others just simply refused to work and others ate up more cpu power than they did before so yet again pretty useless.
5)one of the screens has devolped dead pixals even though ive rarely used it and when i contacted novation about it i was told it was a common fault and it would cost around 100 pounds to fix it !!

i must say the remote zero sl is the worst thing ive ever bought its a terrible made piece of gear and after the issues ive had ill never buy a novation piece of gear ever again.

if you really really want automap buy the novation nocturn or the keyboard version without the faders ive heard theres less issues concerning these but if your after a mixer controller either buy one of the mini korg ones or buy a second hand houston controller from ebay you wont be disappointed they go for around 200 pounds on ebay.
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Old 1st June 2010 , 12:48 AM
Son of 'Z'
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I have Novation products. The Nocturn & Launchpad, which work really well together in Live.

Outside of Live, the Launchpad is a bit of a pig to be honest. In it's default state in Logic 9, it appears to send data it shouldn't. One pad plays a random chord. Unless Logic is readign the data the wrong way, which I doubt for a couple of reasons. I'd say the launchpad is at fault.

The little Nocturn is much better behaved. But it's not really that well suited to playing drums etc. It's purely for control over bread and butter functions.
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Old 1st June 2010 , 09:01 AM
Tarnce Monkey
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I had a Remote SL for a week and it was utter shite. Badly built, unreliable and temperamental. I was forewarned but decided to buy it anyway.

I traded it in for an Oxygen 49 which despite being a budget model works flawlessly.

I'd recommend forgetting about automap (or the M-audio equivalent) and just creating your own templates for MIDI control from within Cubase which is very easy to do.

The Akai MPK controllers are excellent btw.
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Old 5th January 2011 , 09:09 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
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Default Novation SL61 MKII

I have to agree with the above.

The Hardware is a great idea, however:
sadly the operating software is horrendous.

Please don't waste your money until Novation address this.
They need to start from the ground up.
These remote SL's and keyboards are simply not intuitive.
The manuals simply provide no insight or solutions, but ask you to refer to other parts of the manual, that you never find answers to what should be blindingly obvious.

There is no direct correlation to the knob, slider, dial or pad that you are trying to edit, from my experience, I'd advise you avoid.

I've posted in hope that someone else who is thinking of buying such products, might find this on the internet and heed this advice.

I also have an AKAI keyboard, which by comparison, this is easy to use, set-up and program.
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Old 9th January 2011 , 02:54 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 1,722

a quick update----------

i bought the remote 25sl/launchpad bundle a few months ago nd ive been using the keyboard with the newest automap pro software and ill be honest its a massive difference in quality compared to the remote zero sl.

the keyboard is better built/pads are bigger/the knobs are more responsive /it maps better /and the transports actually work better in cubase 5 than they did before .

automap however is useless with the launchpad even though it supports it you have no actual control over the parameters in most plug ins you have two options on or off thats it i was hoping i could draw in parameters as i can do with abelton live but no thats not happening

if you do want automap though i think the deal with the 25 sl is the best around and much better at controlling automap features than the nocturn and more expensive controllers .
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novation remote zero sl

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