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Introducing.. Get Networking! - Introduce yourself, your background, profession & interests etc..

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Old 19th June 2011 , 10:32 PM
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Default Finally - 6 years after buying from DV247

Well, Bob here from Bristol.

I've been salvaging nuggets of clean and wide spectrum audio from bits of archaic sound reinforcement equipment for the last 35 years. I've cobbled together kit from guitar and Hi-Fi amps to get a disco, DJ set or a 12 piece band with horn section to the hungry ears of music lovers of all types, from church meetings to death metal bands, discos in my boss's toilet (it was a big toilet) to an open air rig at Greenbelt.

But I'm gonna be stretched soon (next Feb) when the church I am part of now (Resound -Bristol) is setting up a proper music venue - Allen and Heath iLive, Hill active rig AV HD rig - and I'm the principal sound engineer!

I have always said that the sound engineer is the least appreciated member of concerts or church meetings because if I do my job properly, then no-one notices. And I'm very happy when no-one comes up to me to make a comment.

Currently, I'm weekly using a Soundcraft Folio 16, EVStage200s (sweet), Alesis power amp, Yamaha dual 31 band graphic and record 8 track with the fantastic Zoom R16. I picked up a Pulse headset mic for under £10!! from CPC and run that through a TOA belt pack for speech. Its not broadcast but its reliable. I also run a Shure SM58 radio mic.

Typically, the band is anything up to 2 acoustic guitars, bass, digital piano (all DI'd) and djembe or small kit, 3 vocals (SM58). I often take my alesis multimix 8fx for fx and always run a hearing loop. The recording feeds are tapped from the FX out/ins which works well.

I can set all this up including a 16/4 multicore and two active micro monitors in 40 minutes - and take it down in 30 minutes. I nearly always sound check on the fly because I often play guitar or bass and gratefully leave a novice to fire-fight if required.

I really enjoy playing bass - just started fretless 5 string - but always gain great pleasure from getting the sound just right.

There it is - I love getting sound right but have never really had the wherewithal to bankroll it, so always cobbled together what I could. Thatís made me frugal, knowledgeable and resourceful.

I love my life!
35 years of sound fiddling! I love bass and clarity - yep I want my cake and eat it!
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Old 19th June 2011 , 11:26 PM
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Welcome, bthebassman. That sounds like a good first-hand route to learning and a great aplication for it. All the best for Resound's music venue and your 5 string bass playing.

I'll send you a PM as I have a non DV247 question about Resound.
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Old 20th June 2011 , 10:16 AM
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A very warm welcome 'bthebassman'. Great to have you aboard - fine crew here
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.."
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