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Old 16th February 2010 , 02:51 PM
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Lightbulb The new Gibson Slash Les Paul...

(read here if you missed it)

Fascinating stuff. Is this the first time that a major guitar manufacturer has come out and admitted that a guitar bearing their logo etc. was ghost built?

It's certainly been hinted as (as referenced in the article) but to my (limited!) knowledge never actually acknowledged.

I'm not holding this against them, btw... nor I am a huge Slash/G'n'R fan either, but I just think it interesting that a lot of the so-called Fender/Gibson/whatever guitars you see being played live, hear on records or whatever may not actually be "the real deal." We can probably safely assume for example that Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World probably does not play the Korean/Indonesian built version of his signature-bearing model, he very likely has copies that were put together in the Custom Shop. But when it comes to the high-end CS stuff, the 3k+ guitars... it's very worthy of note that many of these may not be originally of the companies that now push 'em, so to speak.
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