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Old 22nd July 2008 , 05:05 PM
Churst's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Staines, UK
Posts: 74
Default Your Own/Ultimate Guitar Rigs

I saw this on the Bass forum and thought it would be cool to see what toys people are playing with.

What guitars, amps, fx etc do you use?

My current kit is:

2001 Mexican Fender Strat (with Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge)
mid 90's Epiphone Flying V
Ovation Celebrity series acoustic

Line6 Spider 2 150 (2x75) + it's FBV Shortboard
G&K 250ML (for quirky retro clean sounds)

Dream Gear:

Strat circa 1967 (white w/ rosewood board)

Fender Twin Reverb (vintage of course)
Marshall JMP1 PreAmp into Marshall Power Brake through 2xMesa Boogie 2x12 Roadsters

mmmm... bluesey heaven to my ears!
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Old 22nd July 2008 , 05:49 PM
Sound Guru
whitecat's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Surrey / London
Posts: 2,740


Fender Rosewood Telecaster (MIJ, 1986)
Gibson Robot Guitar (blue silverburst)
Fender TC-90 (vintage white)
Fender Koa Stratocaster
Fender FSR '72 RI Telecaster Deluxe (arctic white)
Fender CIJ Stratocaster 62 RI, lake placid blue/black accessories
Godin Solidac (cognac burst)
ABM Lapsteel


Boss TU-2 tuner
Keeley/Ibanez AD-9 Analogue Delay
Ibanez CP-9 (circa 1984)
Boss CS-2 compressor (circa 1983)
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe Jr.
Keeley/Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Boss DD-6 digital delay
Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer with TS808 electronics mod
Analogman/Boss GE-7 EQ
Z-Vex Super Hard-On
Z-Vex Lo-Fi Loop Junky
MXR SmartGate
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
ElectroHarmonix SwitchBlade


Fender Blues Jr (modded with JJ tubes & a Celestion Blue speaker)
Gretsch G5222 (with JJ cryo tubes & a Jensen ceramic) - relatively recent acquisition

Dream Gear:


1952 Telecaster (I'd accept a thinskin reissue ), blackguard/butterscotch
Fender Custom shop 50's Thinline telecaster
A nice played-in Les Paul Standard

Vintage Fender Twin
Vintage Fender Princeton
Vintage VOX AC30CC
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Old 22nd July 2008 , 09:13 PM
JAYDMF's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Gloucester
Posts: 940


Gibson Explorer LE (1997) refitted with Duncan JB and SH13
ESP KH2 (american bolt on not jap neck thru)
Jackson DK2FF

Randall RH100
Engl E530 + Marshall EL34 100/100
Marshall 1960A
Electro Voice 15" (dont know the model number but its evil)

Dream guitar:
KV2T (all black , white binding over body, neck and headstock)

Dream Amp:
Engl Powerball + 1Mesa cab + 1 Engl vintage cab.

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Old 23rd July 2008 , 08:43 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 6

I've had a few good amps come and go...

For affordability AND a dream sound..The Orange Tiny Terror is absolutely amazing.
It goes through a Marshall 1936 2 by 12" and it really kills much of the far more expensive makes I've seen.Such tonal range and oomph.
Tiny Terror.

Cute little monster too.
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Old 24th July 2008 , 07:08 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Posts: 1

89 Fender strat (sunburst,rosewood board)
Custom made blonde 335 style semi
3 hand made acoustics (1 Chris Cross 70's, 2 Mick McConway)
Yamaha 12 string

Marshall superlead 100w head 60,s
marshall jmp 100w master volume head early 70's
4-12 angled cab (Grey grill cloth! never seen another the same)
Vox conqueror 75 watt head 60,s
wem 2-12 combo (V old, not sure of model)
Session 1-12 combo (sessionette)

Pedal board
Vox wah
Fuzzface (old one)
Boss Tremelo
Digitech delay
watkins tape echo
marshall drivemaster
Deja vibe
Boss tuner

Dream gear
any Hendrix strat! ( I've played 2 but i'll never own one!!)
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Old 25th July 2008 , 10:16 AM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 2

My current gear list is:


'90 Gibson ES295 Archtop with Lollar pickups.
'79 Fender Stratocaster
'87 Kinman Blueprint Telecaster with harmonic designs pickups.
'88 Kinman Blueprint Telecaster with SD pickups.
'89 PRS Custom 24/10 top/moon inlays
Selfmade custom Stratocaster x 2 (different pickups)
Warmoth hollow goldtop telecaster
90's Fender Jazzmaster with SD pickups.
Antonio Lorca nylon string with fishman pickup
Maton Barossa EM325c acoustic/electric.


90's Fender Prosonic- heavily modified.
1962 Fender Bassman, pretty much stock.
90's Mesa Dual Rectifier Rackmount
Fender Blues Junior.


Ernie Ball Volume
Vox McCoy Wha
Digitech Whammy 1
Ibanez OT10 octaver
MXR Dynacomp
Keeley modified RAT
Boss EQ
Ibanez DM2 Analog Delay
Boss DD7 Digital Delay.

Studio Rack/processing gear:

Line 6 Pod Pro XT
Line 6 Echo Pro
Lexicon MPX G2
Lexicon Vortex
Voodoolab Ground Control/GCX switcher.
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Old 25th July 2008 , 11:51 AM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 7

Live and studio set up

Guitar: Suhr Standard Fender ( yuriy Shishkov ) masterbuilt strat

Amps: Soldano SLO100 With Mullard ECC83 pre amp tubes and RCA 6L6 Blackplate power tubes Custom Audio Electronics 3+se pre amp


Bricasti M7 ( reverb )
TC Electronics 2290 ( delay )
Eventide DSP4000 ( fx )
Klon overdrive pedal

Marshall 4 12 speaker with vintage 30 speakers
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Old 8th August 2008 , 10:16 AM
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 2

Current rig

Schecter diamond series 006 / 007
ESP Horizon FRII
and a vintage fernandes from 1991 that I cant seem to trace or identify but it sounds awesome

Engl Powerball
Engl 4x12 vintage (The siberian birch 14 ply model :-) )
Peavey 6505
Mesa Boogie Dual Rect

various boss/line 6 effects

I was contemplating buying a diezel vh4 but theres no where close to me to try one, which is a bit of a bugger!! Ne one use these?
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Old 8th August 2008 , 11:36 AM
Senior Member
RedDavid's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Edinburgh
Posts: 110

I think it's the most amazing feature of the Line6 Variax that dream guitar rigs like this aren't needed anymore. Just 250 on a Variax 300, or quite a bit more than that for the Variax 700, and you've got some of the best guitars ever made at your finger tips.

So, that's be my dream guitar rig, then - a Variax that doesn't break down after two years.

And Guitar Rig for amp modelling, because it's so much easier to record.
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Old 8th August 2008 , 06:11 PM
Spectrum Idoliser
krykos's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: London
Posts: 275

Fender Toronado GT HH (currently own)
Moog Guitar
My own fully customised guitar (one day...)
Anything else that looks awesome

Banshee Rocktron (own)
Digitech Synth Wah (own)
DB Design Oscillator (own)
EHX Big Muff Pi USA
Digitech Whammy
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Zvex Super Hard On
Boss GT10
Boss RC50

Not too sure yet. I haven't researched that much into amps. Possibly Marshalls or Diezels.

Ebow (own)
Korg KP2 (best Kaoss pad to use with guitars)
"The day we start thinking about what the audience wants we're going to make bad choices" - Andrew Stanton
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Old 9th August 2008 , 06:38 AM
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 183

Currently owned guitars

Richwood limited edition Tree Of Life LP clone

One of only 168 made (24 in each of 7 colours) this might not be the best sub 500 guitar out there, but unless your a rabid LP hater/purist, it's surely the most beautiful. It blows every genuine LP I've played out of the water. Now fitted with a pair of Irongear Steamhammers, it's almost perfect.

J&D S890 strat-a-like

Amazing v.f.m. Solid ash body with maple and nayto thro' neck, now fitted with coil tapped GF Lil Killers (2) and a GF Big Mouth bridge, this is a stunning guitar. When I had the pups fitted/tapped, the guys at the shop couldn't believe I'd only paid 77 for it, they'd guessed at 400+ it's that good.

School of Rock white Flying V copy

At only 45, inc a small 15 watt amp, I took a punt on this from ebuyer after seeing a good review of one. It was bought purely to have something to mess about on downstairs, but I was stunned at just how good this guitar was for the money. With a bit of work setting it up, it now plays like a dream with a superb action. Ok, the pups aren't the best, but they are plenty hot enough with a character all of their own, in fact I upgraded them, but soon put the stock pups back. As a first guitar for someone, I can't see how these can possibly be beaten at this price.

AcePro 12 string super strat

Another cheapie at only 120, and yet another gem at the price. Like the V copy above, the pups weren't the best, so I put a pair of Swineshead Condors on. A mistake if I'm honest as it's now not quite as *jangly* as I'd like/expected, but it still pays fantastically with the sort of action you can only dream about.

Richwood RG-18-CE acoustic

Another gem from Richwood. Beautifully put together, the finish is absolutely flawless, tho' the factory setup left a lot to be desired. After having it setup, it now has a action that would embarrass most electrics, and while it's more suited to chords than picking imo, at 190 was still a steal.


Toneworks AX1500G.

Now cheap'n'cheerful, I'll be the first to admit this isn't the best amp sim/multi fx unit out there, but I like it.

Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger.

A one trick pony for sure, but what a trick. It's not a gate, in fact I don't know how it works exactly, but it totally eliminates unwanted hum/noise from a signal chain.



I've always had a soft spot for VOX amps, and this hasn't disappointed me. True, like most DSP amps, the fx don't quite cut it, but the tones are superb imo. In retrospect, I wish I'd gone for the AD30VT, purely because this has a power soak option.

As for my dream setup, there's only one thing I'd like, and that's to get my hands on the Lincoln SG guitar I bought and then stupidly sold some 25+ years ago. Supposedly hand built (I'm not convinced) this is the best guitar I've ever seen or played, I'd never seen one before nor seen another since, so maybe it was hand built. I knew it was good when I bought it, but time has only shown me how good. I've spent years and a lot of money trying, and failing, to find a guitar that could match it for sound and playability.
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Old 13th September 2008 , 11:31 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Rural Bedfordshire
Posts: 7

Current gear:
Rickenbacker 330/6
Rickenbacker 330/12
Rickenbacker 4001 ('73)
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender precision ('74)
Indie LP
Indie IHD-30S
Indie IJ-20 Special
Indie IEA-30B
Peavey JF-2EX
Kawai electric (1960s)
Egmond semi-acoustic bass (1960s)
Yamaha SGV-800
Vintage VS-6

Boss CE-3 chorus
Boss CE-20 chorus
Boss BF-2 flanger
Boss BE-5B bass multi fx
Ibanez PT-9 phaser
Ibanez TS-7 tube screamer
Ibanez SD-9 sonic distortion
Jen cry baby
Electro Harmonix Clone Theory chorus
Line 6 Echo park delay
DOD FX-80b compressor

Fender Twin Reverb (silverface, '75)

rack effects used on guitars:
Alesis Quadraverb +
Alesis Quadraverb GT
Boss SE-70
Lexicon Alex
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon Reflex
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Roland SRV-330 Space reverb
Ursa Major Stargate 323 reverb

would like:
More Jazzmasters. Lots more!
Fender Jaguar
Italia Mondial
Gibson ES 345
Gibson SG (w/P-90s)
Epiphone Casino
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