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Great Musicians, Producers & Classic Tracks The Classics you love, the Musicians who played, and the Producers behind the hits!

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Old 29th July 2008 , 02:02 PM
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Default What is your favourite B-Side?

For me its Oasis's 'Acquiesce' from the single 'Some Might Say'. This track was surely good enough to be a single in its own right or at least a proper album track. I have seen Oasis live a number of times and this is a always true crowd pleaser. It has so much energy and passion! For me, it just sums up what Oasis are all about.

What's your favourite B-side or unreleased track and why?
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Old 29th July 2008 , 02:31 PM
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Bit old-school but 'When The Tigers Broke Free' by Pink Floyd has to be one of the ultimate B-sides. It's since widely and easily available, though. Roger Waters at his finest!

On a more recent bent, I really like Elbow's 'Strangeways To Holcombe Hill in 4.20' which was the B-side to 'Forget Myself.' It's virtually an instrumental, but very powerful stuff. Elbow used a bit of it as their 'intro music' a couple years ago at Brixton and it really set the stage.

I also thought that 'Glorious' by Muse was terrific - it was the B-side to the Invincible single from 'Black Holes & Revelations.' Better than some of the other tracks from the LP!
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Old 30th July 2008 , 04:21 PM
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The Specials "Why?" B-side of Ghost Town. Just one of those gem tunes. Ghost Town was always gonna be the hook but Why? (and the 2nd b-side track "Friday Night, Saturday Morning") is a classic in its own right.

Have to say though, that Ghost Town gets better every time you hear it, even today.

Good thread!
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Old 29th August 2008 , 11:49 AM
Round The Horn
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Thanks to terminal3's post Re-creating The Smiths at home I was inspired to check out info on an old favourite track of mine. I now know that How Soon Is Now by The Smiths was originally a B-side.
Originally a B-side with "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" on the 12" single version of "William, It Was Really Nothing" in 1984, the song was subsequently featured on the compilation album Hatful of Hollow and on U.S., Australian and Warner UK editions of Meat Is Murder. It was belatedly released as an A-side in the United Kingdom in 1985, reaching #24 on the singles chart.
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Old 29th August 2008 , 06:51 PM
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Being brought up on Oasis and the Manics, I've always loved B-sides. They're magic, like the sub-plot of a band's musical evolution. I couldn't pick any one of them as a favourite. Some of the best from Oasis, though -

Oasis - Let's All Make Believe. It's from the Go Let It Out single, and it's the driest and most misanthropic song Noel's ever written. Chorus goes "Let's all make believe we're still friends and we like each other", which pretty much says it all.

Oasis - Rockin' Chair. It's based around a C, C/B, Am, F verse and more minor chords in the chorus, and it's a beautifully melancholic song. There's a live bootleg which sounds ******* amazing.

Oasis - Underneath the Sky. I've always loved the way that Oasis can go from utterly positive, totally uplifting A-sides and album tracks to honestly sad songs about being unhappy. I always thought this song was about a tramp, but read recently that it was about how Noel felt when he was touring. Still great.

Oasis - Idler's Dream. The first Oasis song without any guitars in it. It's a proper dream song, sort-of like something the Beatles would've done.

I also love The Jam's song 'Ghosts', and pretty much every Manics b-side from the whole This Is My Truth period, too. Awesome stuff across the board.

B-sides are great.
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Old 29th August 2008 , 09:32 PM
Son of 'Z'
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Location: Birmingham
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ooh good post !

For me:

Sasha - Belfunk & Rabbitweed
These were on the expander ep, and whilst they were never, ever gonna live up to the amazingness of the headliner. They are still really nice. Belfunk is pretty dark, twisted and driving, and rabbitweed was just very quirky.

Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
This originally was the B-Side to "Get Me Off'. But Intel used it in an ad, then Radio1 started playing it etc... it eventually got a release by itself. Proper good track though. Nice 'crazyjazz' vibe to it

David Morales - Needin U'
On the original press, he did an amazing B-mix where he flipped the samples round. It's quite odd, as you can tell it's from the same record, but the whole track sounds completely different. I must find this record actually. It's in a box somewhere in my room lol !

Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn?
99% Think this was a b-side, not sure as I have so much of their stuff. Either way it's one of my favourite tracks from them.. worth a mention !
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Old 1st September 2008 , 02:23 PM
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Most of my experience of b-sides is from the early 00's. My favourite band of the time was Feeder and they consistently released extremely high quality b-sides, some of them were tracks that were unfinished and would appear again on later releases. For example an acoustic, concept, demo of their hit single "Just A Day" from the single for "7 Days in The Sun".

That's also reminded me of a slightly "rare" one I found during my nu-metal days.

The B-side, on the 7" vinyl version, of System Of a Down's "Aerials" was a cover of Black Sabbath's "Snowblind", which is excellent.
Ableton for everything!
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Old 14th September 2008 , 05:11 PM
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Location: Rural Bedfordshire
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Two bands who consistently did great b-sides are Teenage Fanclub and The Posies, but if I had to choose, the Fannies' cover of Bevis Frond's He'd Be A Diamond would win by a nose.
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Old 19th September 2008 , 03:29 PM
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Dexy's midnight runners. B side of Geno.

Breaking down the walls of heartache

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Old 19th September 2008 , 09:24 PM
Pushing the Envelope
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1963 by New Order.

It was originally the B-Side of True Faith.
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Old 21st September 2008 , 05:46 PM
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Join Date: Sep 2008
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Survivor - "Take me on a Saturday"

Anyone remember that one??? (b-side to Eye Of The Tiger). It features the first guitar solo I ever learned to play..!
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