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Great Musicians, Producers & Classic Tracks The Classics you love, the Musicians who played, and the Producers behind the hits!

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Old 20th November 2008 , 03:40 PM
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Arrow Low


This has turned out to be quite the year for cool gigs for me, I must say...

Saw Low do a "Christmas Concert" at the Koko last night.

They were supported by another American band called Ida who also backed up Low on the "Christmas" segment of the gig to fill out their sound a little. Low performed their 1999 'Christmas' EP in its' entirety (albeit out of sequence!) plus their new Christmas single(s) (there's an A and a B side!) and a surprisingly faithful/workable cover of John Lennon's 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over).'

The first 40 minutes or so were comprised of just the three-piece playing some Low 'standards,' if you will - the standout for me being 'Murderer' from Drums & Guns.

The only downside were a couple of obviously drunk idiot hecklers, one right at the beginning as Alan was trying to dedicate the gig to the late John Peel (who championed their Christmas EP upon its' release at the end of the last century) and another one who yelled "he had been going to see Low for 11 years and this was bad...something something" then the audience turned on him and told him to shut the hell up. London audiences can be the worst on the planet, I felt especially bad for Ida who were onstage at that moment and had previously announced they'd never played the UK before and this was a dream come true for them... ** sigh **

Alan Sparhawk himself appears to still be teetering on the edge of insanity - he had a pretty serious breakdown after they toured 'The Great Destroyer' a few years ago and you can never quite tell if he's just gonna snap or not, but he's got a great voice, a beat-to-hell Les Paul Standard with a Bigsby, a chain of Z.Vex pedals and some good ideas. His immaculate minimalist harmonies with wife Mimi Parker belies the fact that their marriage always sort of seems on the brink in between songs.

Anyway, that stuff aside, they're fascinating to watch/hear and if you get the chance it's worth exploring some of the back catalogue and checking them out if and when they come through your town next.
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