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Old 3rd July 2008 , 06:32 AM
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Default Composer Offers to Score a Film Project FREE


I am seeking the opportunity to score a suitable film or game project.

I am the owner of a franchise network of dozens of UK rockschools ([url=http://www.clivesmusic.com]Clives Easylearn Pop Music Schools[/url]). Now, with the day-to-day operation delegated, I find I have the luxury of more time to devote to my own composition and production, and I'm looking for an enjoyable project.

I am not seeking commercial gain at this stage, and so there will be [B]no charge for working on a suitable project.[/B]

Fully equipped personal production studio with all necessary musical equipment on hand to professional standards with sync-to-picture. Multi-instrumentalist: keyboards, drums, bass, guitar and others. Wide range of styles. Demos on request.

In the first instance, drop me a line at [email]clive@clivesmusic.com[/email]

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

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Old 3rd July 2008 , 11:00 AM
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What a tremendous opportunity for Film makers and Game developers to collaborate Clive. Thanks for your excellent post.

I've sent this onto StumbleUpon and Digg too..
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.."
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Old 8th July 2008 , 02:22 PM
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Default any response?

Have you had any response to this Clive?
Pump it up a little more, Get the party going on the dance floor!!
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Old 18th July 2008 , 10:31 AM
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Hmmm - hate to be the dissenting voice, but I highly dislike when people do this sort of thing.

Clive - nothing on your ability/talent/free time or whatever, but think of it this way.

You do a project for free. That's all fine & good, someone gets a deal.

How much is your work worth to that person/company now?


So if you then have to bid on the next job, it puts you in a tough spot. They got something for nothing, so they're gonna want to get something for nothing again, or at the very least, next-to-nothing.

And the problem that you'll find, is that suddenly you'll be wanting/needing to do it for commercial gain - but someone else will come along and offer to do the gig for free, thus undercutting you.

It's not that it takes away paid work from all of us - sometimes it does, yes, but more often than not you might just get work from someone who would have otherwise went with library music anyway, so no skin off my back. But what you are doing is devaluing yourself, and this I recommend against!

I think that every job should come with some sort of compensation attached to it (save for student-type stuff, everyone has to learn somewhere) - because at that point there's also a commercial contract involved - it's costing the buyer SOMETHING, as opposed to nothing, you can install a finite start/end date (when you start getting into picture revision after revision after revision you might start to rue the fact that you're working for free - I did a film once that had no less than three picture locks - wtf!!??)

And DV guys - the more paid work we all get, the more STUFF we can buy from you!!

Anyway, bottom line is, don't sell yourself short just for the experience. If you want to mess around, rip an existing film, strip the sound and rescore it. Build an audio-only showreel that shows off your composition and production skills, but please don't take on a commercial project for nothing!

That is all!
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Old 18th July 2008 , 11:04 AM
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Default Hans Zimmer for 0 per hour....

Hi Clive
Richard at Southampton here. Hope you are well. It must be nice to have some spare time these days!!

If you want to score for picture - and don't want paying(!) then you could try looking at the many posts on filmakers sites. They are always looking for free stuff.

try these:
UK screen - UK Film and Music Network: Crewing, Casting, Production, Promotion and Broadcasting
Shooting People : Filmmakers Network
Film Music Network -

or contact the Universities and colleges.
Students always need music for their projects.

hope that helps

see you soon
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Old 21st July 2008 , 02:21 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
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ckbrooks dont take terminal 3 on ..its all well and good being expected to get paid for everything you do but some movies being made are very very low budget so the last thing they want to pay for is a music soundtrack.

we all know a music soundtrack can enhance a movie but some filmmakers arnt musicians and sometimes dont understand this so dont have enough budget to pay someone to create mood music.

its also very very hard too break into any ype of paid work at the minute so i can understand why he wants to do a few for free its better to get his work out there some how hoping that one day he will get a paid gig instead off creating stuff you feel could be goood in a movie but no one will hear your music because you want payment first.

keep plodding along and i hope someone gives you a break and at least features one of your music tracks in there movie dont listen to people that are saying your silly too not charge ..if your happy too not get paid but happy to see your finished product put to film then go for it
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Old 9th August 2008 , 07:33 PM
Mic Check 1!
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I agree with Waxxy. Bread on the water and all that. Better still ask for a point
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Old 9th August 2008 , 10:03 PM
Sound Guru
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Originally Posted by TrevCircleStudios View Post
I agree with Waxxy. Bread on the water and all that. Better still ask for a point
You might as well ask for a lottery ticket rather than points on indie stuff. More likely to pay out.
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