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CalebHill@DVguitars 8th March 2010 04:04 PM

Victor Wooten In-Store Hartke Clinic
Victor Wooten is coming to DV East London guitar centre on the 25th of May, where he will be demonstrating all things Hartke. If you're a fan of Victor Wooten and would like to meet the man in person, get your ticket ASAP! Tickets are limited and selling out quickly.


P.S. I can't wait!

CalebHill@DVguitars 8th March 2010 05:07 PM


Tifstorey 8th March 2010 08:47 PM

Aw man! I'd love to come down to see this.

Tell him to swing by Burnley on his way back.

CalebHill@DVguitars 9th March 2010 10:24 AM

He he... I'll ask the question, but I think he's only here for the 1 show. :D

MadisonSounds 26th May 2010 09:13 AM

Victor Wooten.......Amazing Bass!
I'd like to say a quick thank you to DV & Hartke for putting such an awesome show last night, Victor Wooten was totally awesome, I'm still tingling from the whole experience!!!:bbbiggrin:

Not sure how many of you guys were there, but I'm sure we can all agree: it kicked (B)ass!!! :thumbsup:

Tom DV Romford 26th May 2010 09:15 AM

I second that! Superb night!

TrevCircleStudios 26th May 2010 11:00 AM

Missed the fact that this was on but Victor is pretty amazing! I saw his tour in Sam Ash in NYC last November when I wandered in off the street. Big ups to dv for running it here!

CalebHill@DVguitars 26th May 2010 12:54 PM

Some Pics...
My favourite quote of the night - "If you [the bassist] play an "A", it doesn't matter what chord the guitarist or keyboardist plays, it is an A-chord." - Victor Wooten :D




flippyfloop 26th May 2010 02:41 PM

Great night. Thanks DV, Hartke and Vic.
I had to leave b4 the end :-(
Did anyone ask about his pickups ?
I noticed they had exposed pole pieces so probably not EMG's ?

Tifstorey 26th May 2010 03:11 PM

I really really wanted to see this! Shame, i'll see him yet.

How long was his set?

thegreek 26th May 2010 05:13 PM

Victor Wooten seminar
For all of those who weren't lucky enough to attend - [B]did you miss out[/B]!!:(

This was probably a [U]once in a lifetime event[/U] where fans were able to meet and engage with their hero. For Victor's part, he played and spoke for over two hours:thumbsup: and passed on his philosophy about playing music to an enraptured crowd of over two hundred. At one point, when asked about technique, he invited the questioner onto the stage and allowed him to play his own bass while giving an inpromptue lesson:eek:!

While most would have died, the lucky person rose to the occasion and had (what really must be) a once in a lifetime experience - [B]a bass lesson from one of the best bass players in the world!![/B]

Victor , himself, was approachable and generous with his time, signing books, people's bassess and even one guy's leg where he had a tattoo of Victor. Victor was impressed and somewhat humbled - the "client" said he was off to the tattooist tomorrow to have the signature immortalised!

Everybody I spoke to had an excellent time, including the three guys who had travelled from Turkey, and since the cost of the 10 tickets (a pittance in my mind) was redeemable in-store, the net cost for a brilliant evening out was [U][B]nothing[/B[/U]]!!

I can't thank DV enough for putting on this event - but how do you follow this? More please..how about Stanley Clarke/Markus Miller/ Mick Karn?

egodance 26th May 2010 06:08 PM

Yeah it was ace, he was on for about 2 and a half hours I think. Great stuff.

olipaulo 26th May 2010 06:26 PM

I loved it!! Thank you guys @ DV!! Awesome event!

modz1 27th May 2010 11:42 AM

From the DV247 Blog: A nice round up of the evening for those who unfortunately couldn't attend..


bluejon 1st June 2010 06:38 AM

The Music Lesson
I just read his book the Music lesson.
Really interesting - made me just want to go back to th beginning and start reading again.
Also, just got his Video 'Groove Workshop' but not had time to watch it yet.
Wish I cold go to this - have fun!:-)

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