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Old 8th August 2008 , 03:08 PM
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Default Kaoss Pad KP3 Vs. Mini-KP

Is the pretty significant price difference of the KP3 (259) justified for what it offers over and above the Mini-KP (89)..?

I'm looking to use primarily for DJ'ing fx and secondary for occasional studio integration.

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Old 8th August 2008 , 05:53 PM
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The mini-KP (which I have have) is a basic stripped-back version of the KP3. Sure it has 100 effects, but otherwise it has tap tempo, format hold, two RCA ports, and two memory spots for your fav programs.

The KP3 on the other hand allows you to record loops onboard, and then edit the samples independantly of each other. These samples can even be saved to an SD card for further use. The KP3 also has MIDI I/O ports so it's clock can be synced to your DAW to make things a bit easier, and it could control effects on it as well (and vice versa). A USB cable also comes with the KP3 so that you can upload samples you record, and then edit them on your PC. The sampling is also better. You can splice a sample to get the segment you want.

It has a 2 RCA ports, two MIDI ports, a 1/4" mic port, and a 1/4" headphone port.

To be honest, if would've opted for the KP3 had I more money, but I still love my mini-KP all the same. It all depends how much you're willing to spend. And it's always worth looking for a bargain if possible. For example, I got my mini-KP for 65.
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Old 10th August 2008 , 08:03 AM
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given the choice id get the kp3 the mini kp is ok for messing around but not really a serious option..but if you cant afford the kp3 there ar 2 other versions which are older but are still much better than the mini kp and if you search around ive seen the kp1 going for the same price as the mini kp.

or you could check out the Korg KM-202 its a dj mixer with a kp pad built in ..i dont know much about it because its new but heres a you tube video of it.
YouTube - Korg KM 202 mixer

and the korg km-402 YouTube - agiprodj.com FIRST LOOK Korg KM-402

kp3- YouTube - KORG Kaoss Pad KP3 (as you can see it kicks ass)

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