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cut_N_paste 7th August 2008 11:24 AM

Apple iDJ/iProduce anyone?
For iPod Touch and iPhone users, there's some cool s**t happening.. Apple have applied for a US patent which seems to indicate they're looking to produce a touch screen DJ app?
Looks cool if it gets realised commercially, but I reckon someone should tell them about that turntable on the left though..

On the general Mac tip, there's also a new DJ app appeared that has a simple user interface, but seems feature packed and very cheap (it also can be controlled from a vestax midi controller and can utilise pro-audio interfaces) dJay Software

A new media player has appeared called 'Audio Codex'
A quote from their site says it provides: "ultimate power and flexibility in playback — effects, reverb, visualizers, loops, time, pitch and more — so you can mash up your movies and tunes like never before" so there ya go! Check it here

And finally, for those lucky iPhone/iTouch users, you can synthesise to your hearts content with this little baby called Noise.io
It can be bpm synced (by tapping), has 80 or so presets to kick off with, and costs about 4! On top of this, the company are working on release of a digiridoo and flute emulator - cor blimey!

DjRo 7th August 2008 01:48 PM

Mate that looks so good! cant wait for it to drop! Ever since the success of their touch products i think thats where the industry is moving. Everything is becoming more interactive and we are starting to feel our music. I really cant wait for the microsoft surface and apples surface which is a bit hush hush to what they are actuali doing but is gonna be so good!

Also im luvin the reactable! chek the video

conor_j 7th August 2008 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by cut_N_paste (Post 3362)
On top of this, the company are working on release of a digiridoo and flute emulator - cor blimey!

Crikey indeed, whats next ..... bagpipes emulation lol

EdRyan 7th August 2008 08:20 PM

I'm not normally one for being negative, but I really do hope this falls flat on it's arse because I think it's a step too far.

Turning up and playing music from a phone isn'y my idea of dj-ing. Phones aren't built for this sort of thing. As a toy, it'd be amusing. Fun for bus journeys etc. But I wouldn't feel like a Dj by standing there and palying with my phone..

Even things like pacemaker make me scepticle, and that has more credentials in terms of specs for this sort of thing. Again, I think it takes too much away from the visual aspect of being a Dj. When I tried one, it felt like a wierd mutated love child of an Ipod and functions from Ableton.

It's the comprimises and size of these things that ruin them for me. I'm not a technology phobist. I dig people like Kerri Chandler that wonder round the club with a laptop DJ-ing, that is a cool trick. Saying that Kerri Chandler is a master...his tape to tape set at southport was a lesson that alot of newcomers should swot up on.

Plus these things prove my point. We're using technology to make what we have smaller, not actually any better in terms of performance and quality..

conor_j 7th August 2008 08:35 PM

I do agree with you there ed, but I do think these things are made as a novelty item rather than something to be used to perform.

Ive used a pacemaker myself and I quite like it, I can see its use in a ipod sort of fashion with the ability to pull almost credible mixes where traditional decks arnt an option, i.e 4am at a house party lol

I dont see why people get excited by these things tho, because at the end of the day as youve said....its not dj'ing after all. Same in my oppinion goes for software mixing platforms such as tracktor and the like. I dont think ableton falls in that category as its a whole different concept, but I do think people nowadays spend too much time trying to act like a dj, without actually putting the effort in and learning the skills.

EdRyan 7th August 2008 10:01 PM

I can see the fun factor in these things, but you know that there are people that will actually turn up and use them. Mainly not in specialist scenes and 'proper' clubs where mixing is a must have. But you can be assured that in ritzy/works/zanzibar type situations, and to a lesser degree mobile dj's etc will be all over this sort of stuff.

Pacemaker could work really well, but it's not big enough to have access to everything that you want at the same time. Needless to say, it's impossible to manipulate two items at the same time. For some tricks that is a must have. But you can bet that they'll do an update or new version that allows you to link two pacemakers together to sort of make this possible. Or maybe some sort of system link to use the controls on the new breed of digital mixers to cuse tracks and control effects. Maybe then it'd interest me in a serious capacity. Even then it will probably lose out to the new breed of CDJ's that support memory cards and ex drives...

ndk 12th August 2008 09:03 AM

More iPhone Synth Stuff...
...if you are interested.

Noise.io - iPhone synth. The first official iPhone sound synthesizer

conor_j 12th August 2008 04:37 PM

I can definately see more use in the synth rather than the mixing software

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