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Old 4th November 2008 , 07:43 PM
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Default Best DJ/Live cans?

I have a pair fo AKG-181 DJ cans - and actually they are pretty good sound wise as far as DJ cans go, but in common with many such cans, they have a hard headband and so not very comfortable for long on your head use and they dont surround your ears like the AKG-240S for example.

And general Dj cans however for sometimes on, sometimes half on, held on your shoulder etc then they are pretty good.

However I'm still hunting around for something that going to be nearly as comfortable as my AKG-240S cans.

I am thinking soft headband, pads that completely enclose my ears (rather than on the ears) - ie long use comfort in a Live situation is very important, excellent isolation, good clear sound, particularly good for beat matching, not fussed about them have twisty cans like most DJ cans, but should be flexible enough for one ear use occasionally. I'm not particularly after deep throbbing bass - more clear punchy bass (easier to beat match). Same on the high end - need clear highs so I can beat match on high hats etc if there is no kick etc to work with for a precise match.

No hurry - probably next year before I need them

My ideal would be a closed and well isolated version of the AKG-240 - I know there is the 271, but have never used it though it seems more designed for preventing mic bleed rather than loud environment use and I dont want it switching off when I take them off!

Any ideas?
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Old 12th November 2008 , 01:37 PM
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Ultrasone DJ1 Pro. Nothing comes close.
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