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Old 3rd October 2008 , 10:52 PM
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Default Come help with my setup

Greetings DV247,
I've been mixing on turntables for the past few years as a hobby and I've recently moved to another country which affords me more time to indulge myself so I've treated myself to a pair of cdj1000's & djm700. Now I'm seeking advice before I purchase some more equipment that will hopefully let me record to my macbook pro (maybe podcast) and throw a party or 2...

As I've just moved all I have at present is a pair of jbl control 1 speakers that have been my trusted friends for a few years now. I'm going to need to purchase an amp, speakers with a bit more oomph that need to be reasonably portable as I'll have to import.

For recording, will it be sufficient to connect directly to my macbook through the mic jack as I've seen a lot of audio interfaces on the market and I'm not sure if they will be required. Before it was simple, decks to mixer, mixer to amp, amp to speakers and tape for recording. In a little time I also plan to incorporate the music on my mac into my mix but at present my hands are full coming to terms with the cdj's.

So there you have it, amp, speakers and...

I don't want to blow the bank but I am willing to out lay what is required to get set up.

Hopefully you can be of assistance and any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Old 3rd October 2008 , 11:19 PM
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Ok firstly welcome to the forum, i cant really advice you on amp or speakers but as for recording into your MB this is perfectly plausible to go directly in (however on my pc laptop i ran into grounding issues when i recorded without an audio interface and the mains plugged in). some will argue differently but if you just want to start recording some mix's its fine to go from say the rec outs on the mixer to mini jack in on the MB. later as you get more comfortable and maybe with the process you may feel for some reason you want a better quality recording option, then tbh you may want to consider an audio interface, now here i will mention what you said about integrating the music on your MB in the future to what i am saying about an audio interface, i recently decided to step up and do this myself and after considering my options to Dj/Produce i decided on purchasing Traktor Scratch with the Audio 8 interface package HERE! this gave me great rec possibilities via the audio 8 interface and allowed me to control my music on my hard drive with my cdj's and turn tables. i later purchased Ableton live which is a completely different level to it all
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Thanks for the advice Sureno but I'm not sure about laying out that sort of cash at the minute as really the amp & speakers are my priority at the mo. Maybe in the future I'll take a look at traktor nut now my hands are full with the knobs & buttons on the cdj & mixer.

Still no reply for my amp & speaker package. Surely someone out there can advise and point me in the right direction.
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