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Default Cubase 7 Audio dropping out

A problem has just crept up on me today and I can't get to the bottom of it at all, just wondering if you guys had any ideas.

When I went to start recorded today, I set up a mic and was about to record acoustic Guitar when i noticed the signal going in was dropping out every so often, like glitches. This is completely new. The strange thing is, it's only the signal going in. When i play projects back, there is no dropouts, it's only when going in.

What is even stranger is that when I opened the same project in Cubase 6, the problem wasn't there, it's only in Cubase 7.

The signal flow was as follows, Sennheiser md421, going into avedis MA5 LB, from there into my Yamaha N12, and from there through firewire to the PC.

I checked all the usual things like cables, buffer size, latency and even downloaded the firewire driver again but to no avail. Nothing seems to be curing it. It's really puzzling because I didn't have this problem with Cubase 7 before, it just started out of nowhere and even stranger that Cubase 6 is unaffected.

It wasn't a case of running out of memory either because there was no indication of that at all. I've 16BG of RAM now so there was no problem there.

Anyone have any ideas of anything I might have missed? I even suspected that it might be the firewire cable but surely if it was that, it would affect the playback audio as well given that the n12 is my playback device? But again, playback is fine, it's just glitches with the audio going in the way.

It's one of those banging your head against the wall problems. Luckily I can continue recording with Cubase 6 for the time being but I like 7 and want to be able to use it.

I'm hoping I can get an answer from somewhere because my recent dealings with steinberg's customer support has been disappointing to say the least.
System Details. Inta Audio Premium PC, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, Cubase 7, Yamaha N12 Digital Mixer.
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