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Cubase Discuss Steinberg's popular DAS

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Old 15th August 2010 , 08:38 AM
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Default How does the sample rate effect the quality?

I was just wondering how much a higher sample rate would increase the quality. For example I am working at 44khz at the moment so would my stuff sound a lot better at 96khz?

Is it worth upgrading to Cubase 4 to get these results?

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Old 11th September 2010 , 10:44 PM
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Well the way sample rate works is that it determines how many samples of the audio are taken every second to reproduce the analogue audio signal into a digital audio wave. Sooo at 44.1Khz its taking 44,100 samples of the audio every second. And the same for 96KHz, approximately 96,000 samples of the audio per second.

Basically 44.1Khz has 16 bit depth which is CD audio quality. Good enough I'd say. 96Khz might 24 bit depth I think which is DVD audio quality. I'd say work at the highest sample rate possible, 96 KHz/ 24 bit audio is generally considered high quality. Although it will take up lots of CPU and disk space so it depends if your computer can handle it/ you have enough disk space/ the converters do 96KHz well or not... Also you would need pretty good accurate monitors/ acoustically sound room to really hear a difference from 44.1 I reckon

Although I think if change your sample rate from 44.1 to 96Khz, anything you open up that you recorded at 44.1 will be twice as fast... I cant remember exactly why but its something to do with obviously the fact that the sample rate is basically double to what the material was recorded at.

I'm sure I'm wrong in lots of places I always find digital audio a little confusing but yeah someone will probably comment after correcting anything that was wrong
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Old 15th September 2010 , 04:26 PM
Rave Digga
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i could never really see the point in 96khz recording at home it takes up loads of cpu m,emory and hard drive space and when you finally master your track too be played on cd it gets dithered and converted back down too 16/24 bit at about 44/48 khz anyway so all the extra clarity and bitrate info is useally disgarded or mixed into the track so youd never know it unless you have a cyborg ear and mega expensive monitors.

i tried 96khz recording when i first got my souncard i couldnt tell the difference so i know either record at cd standard or dvd standard depending on what type of song im doing.if its trance then the higher thebetter because your working with more higher frequencys which give the track a brightness and you need everything as clear as possible so for that i use 24 bit and i use 48khz but if im doing drum and bass/electro then use 44khz,16bit because im playing with lower frequencys and ot as much detail is needed it all is in the groove not the passion or emotion which is needed in trance
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Old 26th June 2016 , 09:19 AM
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