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Old 4th August 2010 , 01:44 PM
Junior Member
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Default Cubase5 not recognizing KontaktPlayer2 virtual instrument plugin.

Hello all... Just upgaded to a new pc running Windows 7 (64bit). I re-loaded Cubase 5 as well as a 3rd party sample library called VI.One that runs off of the Kontakt Player 2 engine. On my last PC, everything worked flawlessly. I was able to add virtual instrument tracks without a hitch (that is, until I surpassed the capabilities of my crap processor. So, with my new Intel Core 2 Quad ready to kick some @ss, I tried to playback some old tracks that were recorded on my last pc. But I get an error mesage saying "plugin not found, KontaktPlayer2", for all those VI tracks that used Kontakt. Even if I create a new project, the Kontakt plugin is not listed as an available VI. I am able to fire up Kontakt on its own and play the samples within the engine itself, so I dont think its a problem with Kontakt. The problem is that Cubase is not recognizing it as an available plugin. I am at a loss as to how to even begin to solve this problem. Any help or advice is MUCH appreciated!!!
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Old 4th August 2010 , 04:46 PM
Rave Digga
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cubase will most probably have decided it a bad plug in and put it in the dont load catagory..

goto your plug in information option see if its been deactivated if it has reactivate it then rescan your plug ins and it should appear.
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