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Cubase Discuss Steinberg's popular DAS

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Old 20th January 2011 , 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Khazul View Post
Well its arrived and got it installed, and now I remember all the reasons why I semi-gave up using Cubase

TBH - its something I got as I need something like cubase occasionally (normlly use Live) and if I dont get it on this cycle, then the next potentially becomes a very very expensive upgrade as current SX3 users are finding out.

Experience so far:

(Bearing in mind Live 8 is the only DAW on my machine.)

Installation iof 64 bit version went smoothly - no hiccups at all, and itt authenticated fine, until I ran it.
Yes it started, but now instead of one 32bit 2.x VST plugins folder there are loads of them, in addition to varius others created by thing like Komplete etc that needed somewhere to dump 64 bit versions of plugins.

So after ading the extra plugins folders and the 32 bit plugin folder (which it strangley didnt auto-add) had to go thorugh 3 iterations of killing the process before I was able to locate all my plugins.

Next bit of fun - so now creating a ne project to play with stuff, load up some sounds, hen while randomly poking around wanted to have a look at the new control room to see if that has changed. That promptly killed the VSTBridge (needed for 32 bit plugins) and hence all 32 bit plugins that were loaded.

Exit - time to see if I can install the 32 bit version as well - thankfully, that installed without incident, and started OK, and managed to find all plugins first time.

So, by now, I have two versions of C6 installed, god knowns how many plugin folders for the various combinations of VST2.x 32 bit, VST 2.x 64 bit, VST3 32 and 64 bit along with multiple version of many plugins in each of these folders.

Thankfully you can disable the one you dont want, so for eg, VST 3 in theory means you need need all the common VST2 variations of mono, mono sc, sc etc.

So now thats all done C6 seems to be functioning quite well, and most suprisingly, seems to be far more stable than any other first release of a product that I can remember (I skipped v5).

OK, so next bit of fun and games - the new Steinberg forums - ugh!.

It seems now that access to sub-forums is tied to your registered products which means as a registered user on steinberg web site, with a registered product I cannot now post on the C6 forums to ask about the DLL hell madness in case there is a better way to deal with it. Ironically it seems to full of posts from asking asking about cubase, so I guess they arnt product owners and yet can post? Wierd - I guess steinbergs atttitude to their customers has only got worse since even v4

Why did I do this? Oh yeh - I dont have a mac, have no desire to spend a rediculous amount of money on one (when at any money it will be slower than this PC) just to also have to pay full price for Logic when the upgrade from Cubase v4 to v6 seemed quite reasonable - allthough I have to confess, brief fiddling with logic at times does make it very appealing.
I like Cubase
System Details. Inta Audio Premium PC, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, Cubase 7, Yamaha N12 Digital Mixer.
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Old 24th January 2011 , 04:19 PM
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Hi Khazul

I have to say that my experiences are similar to yours iwth 5.5. I found I was fighting with the DAW rather than writing music. I did find v5.5 a lot more stable than 5.0, but the workflow just didn't suit me so I abandoned it. I'm now sticking with Abelton Live which I find great for writing and creating. There is, apparently, a 64 bit version of Live on the cards which should make full use of modern processors/RAM. I don't know when the ETA on that is.
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