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Computer Hardware Audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, control surfaces, MIDI controllers & USB MIDI keyboards (not motherboards or system components)

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Old 27th July 2008 , 02:31 PM
Junior Member
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Wink Which control surface to buy?

Hi -
I have just started getting back into making music via a DAW - Logic 8 and am looking for a good control surface. I have read about the Behringer BCF 2000, Nocturn and remote SL zero. Both all have mixed but not any really bad reviews. Hence my question:
If you have used any of these with Logic I would like to hear your views. I am especially keen to hear about the automap 2.0 feature working on the SL Zero.
To even add more confusion - should I drop the idea of a control surface altogether and buy an X-station or roland Sh-201????? That can act as a midi controller and I would get a good synth too??
Please help - I' m confused!
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Old 27th July 2008 , 03:47 PM
Sound Guru
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Do you need faders or just knobs?
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Old 27th July 2008 , 04:50 PM
Rave Digga
Join Date: Jul 2008
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if you want to use faders for mixes then dont get the remote zero sl .ive got one of these and the faders are too small and too twitchy too be off any use.
its very frustrating using it because sometimes the faders dont respond too movements you are making and arent accurate that is why i bought a steinberg houston the faders on this are amazing easily the best ive ever used .
ive heard ok reviews on the behringer but if you can spend a little more money get the Tascam FW1082 it can be used with logic,its pretty cheap,got excellent faders,audio inputs and much more.

Tascam FW1082 Firewire Audio/Midi Interface at DV247.COM

but if you want too vsts as well the id get the behringer and the nocturn this will set you back around 200 ..automap 2.0 is good with vst instruments but poor with the mixing side of things ..hope this helps.
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Old 30th July 2008 , 01:42 PM
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: London
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I'd be wary of magazine reviews especially as they are not paid to write a bad review.

I use a Mackie Control Pro, mostly with pro tools, but it works well across most DAW's and has controls for anything you need to do as well as being expandable. It's a little bit more expensive then what you are looking at though, but worth the money.
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Old 30th July 2008 , 03:59 PM
Synergy Engineer
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I've always been a fan of the M-Audio Project Mix.

As a sound card and control surface it works with all the Major DAWs at a great price. Project Mix and M-powered is somewhat cheaper than a 003.

Mackie universal controls are also great. Notavtion stuff is also fantastic.
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Old 31st July 2008 , 12:33 PM
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someone on this site is selling a YAMAHA o1x - they are great - not only do you get a GREAT control surface, ( works with any mackie compatible applicaiotn) you get a 24 bit external soundcard built in and a 24 track digital recording desk with built on Channel strips, pre amps and effects. A SERIOUS bit of kit. all for 395 ! SUPER CHEAP !

did i mention the 9 motorised faders ? The automatic project recall ? the digital display which tells you what channel is what in cubase ?

i use my for everthing, its the centre peice of my set up and i love it. i would say its as good as a mackie control, BUT with all the added features of a 24 track digital desk.
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