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Computer Hardware Audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, control surfaces, MIDI controllers & USB MIDI keyboards (not motherboards or system components)

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Old 27th May 2009 , 09:41 AM
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Default problem with interface, should i get a new one?

hello everyone,

i am currently using a terratec phase 26 usb audio interface, which as of late has been having some problems. I always used to run the interface without asio on (if im honest im not too sure what asio is!) but lately, whenever i try to record anything, all you hear is a constant and loud crackling, and the guitar track i have recorded is extremely distorted. Yesterday i tried to reinstall the drivers and i started the interface in asio mode, this was fine when using reason 4 as i could hear the playback perfectly. However my pc didnt appear to recognise the card and neither did adobe audition, so i could not record in any tracks or hear playback from windows media player etc....then when i turned asio off the pc recognised the card again.

I'd imagine it'd be the case that all my soundcard inputs are fried? so i should maybe buy a new audio interface. I currently have my guitar running into a line 6 pod 2.0 so i would need an interface that allows me to record instruments to a high quality, and also with very low latency as i hope to have an electronic drumkit as a midi controller that controls BFD etc through cubase. Would anyone recommend an interface between 100-300? i was looking at fast track pro or presonus firebox, are they ok?

many thanks in advance for your help!
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Old 27th May 2009 , 10:08 AM
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Er... you know it's not possible to record audio from an external source in Reason 4... right?
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Old 27th May 2009 , 10:24 AM
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yes sorry mate, should have said...i was recording into adobe audition, which used to be ok..but now when i am recording i cant get a decent signal at all..i am getting cubase soon, so i need an interface that i can plug my line 6 pod 2.0 into so that i can record my guitar.. and also for recording midi drums.
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Old 2nd June 2009 , 08:01 AM
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Which version of Cubase are you going for?

I ask'cos' the Emu 0404usb 2.0 is still my favourite modestly priced AI and it comes bundled with Cubase LE and that should keep you out of mischief for a time and probably has a money saving upgrade to better things.

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